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Mind-Reading & Telepathy: How To Use Telepathy To Read Other People’s Minds

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by Conscious Reminder

When we say we ‘know’ a person because how close they are to us, this knowledge of them is not exact. We can only know as much as they choose to reveal to us.

However, we cannot know what is going inside their minds; that is, we cannot know their thoughts. But our fascination with reading other people’s mind is remarkable indeed.

And unlike what many believe, it is possible. Telepathy might not yet have the approval of science. But science is clearly interested in it.

The telepathic sense is real, but has dulled in humans so much that we cannot access it easily. Even our 5 physical senses are dull now, because our heavy reliance on logic and neglect of our intuition.

Other than sight, smell, touch, hearing and taste, we possess two more senses that many are not aware of. The 5 senses we know are part of our physical experience. These extra two senses are astral senses.

Our astral body can:

  1. a) The sense that informs us of the presence of other life forms
  2. b) The sense to read the thoughts of others, i.e. telepathy.

How is telepathy possible?

You know how the process of neuroimaging works. With the technology it is possible to interpret the working of the brain without any invasive procedure at all. In the same way, our thoughts too can be interpreted without any physical contact at all. This is because just like sound, our thoughts too are made of vibrations. And when someone’s astral senses are awakened they can catch and interpret these vibrations.

So how do you develop your astral senses? How do you reawaken them after years of dormancy? Here are a few things that can help you along the journey:

  1. Believing that it is possible. Unless you let go of the scientific logic and believe in your instincts, you will not be able to experience it.
  2. Activating the third eye, a very important chakra which has been atrophied due to non usage into what is now called the Pineal gland.
  3. Finding someone with the same aim, someone with whom you can practice and explore telepathy. Someone whom you trust so that there will be no need for deception or misgivings.

When you’ve found a suitable partner, you can do the following:

  • Choose a quiet room where you can practice in peace.
  • Take small steps every day.
  • One person should be the sender and the other receiver. Don’t mix these roles up in the same session and day. You can switch places the next day.
  • Start with the sender having really intense emotional thoughts, those of anger, fear, love etc. and the receiver should try to interpret them.
  • Don’t get too complicated in your thoughts in the beginning, remember small steps.
  • Always practice telepathy with a calm state of mind; you can also include meditation in your pre-practice routine.
  • Don’t exhaust yourself too much on the same day. The key is to be consistent.

Even when you are on your own in public, try to make others feel your emotions. Project your thoughts onto strangers and subtly try to look for a reaction.

Word of advice though, avoid staring at people and making them feel  uncomfortable.

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