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Tonight’s Gemini New Moon Brings The End Of Eclipse Season

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by Conscious Reminder

The New Moon signaling the end of the Eclipse season will rise on May 30th. The season of eclipses is usually an extremely transformative period.

As such, this season was probably not much different. During such periods, we always find ourselves in the place we are meant to be. Nevertheless, regardless of our standing following the Eclipses, this lunation will offer a gentle guiding hand that will help us understand the Eclipse energies.

The New Moon immediately following an Eclipse season is a particularly important one. It offers a fresh boost of energy and perspective that helps in integrating the transpired events. It gives us confidence as we proceed onwards.

The Gentleness Has More To It

However, this time around, the welcome fresh energy is being accompanied by a bit of mental fogginess. It is a sign to be patient and cautious, and to take things easy. A part of the reason for this mental impairment is the ongoing Mercury retrograde. It is even more powerful now because Gemini’s ruler is Mercury.

As we approach the lunation, let yourself take time pondering decisions before taking them. This period is when everything is being slowed down intentionally by the Universe so that you may choose the best path.

If the mental fogginess becomes too uncomfortable, try to spend time clearing the mind. Remove obsessive thinking and situate your awareness in the present. Try to keep the mind clutter-free. On June 3rd, the Mercury retrograde is going to end. Although it won’t immediately regain its true speed and strength, things should be a lot clearer afterward.

Another gentler energy accompanying this lunation is Chariklo’s energy. The asteroid is associated with spirit medicine. It reminds us that spiritual healing takes only when we return to Earth. This energy is extremely gentle and helps in easing all kinds of healing journeys. It tells us that nature is always available for assistance, and we should make use of that whenever we can. Furthermore, this energy helps us heal spiritually.

A current of energy that the lunation can help with is harmonizing our soul and body. To do so, jot down the emotions of your human part and your soul part separately. Then, make an intention to unite and heal both sides. Believe in the Universe’s help as you try to construct a bridge between the two.

The energy of Aldebaran is another notable and sweet energy present during this lunation. This “Royal Star” emanates rewards, honor, and success energy. As such, it is also considered lucky.

A Time To Kick Back And Reflect

The season of Eclipses has been quite heavy. Now, this lunation shall bring much-deserved softening and quiet. It may not completely clear up everything. However, it will be a reminder about the importance of patience, and focusing on the subtler and gentler aspects of healing journeys.

If the hectic feeling brought about by the transformations induced by the Eclipses is still troublesome, then the May New Moon will remind you that it is alright and take time to digest, process, and reflect.

There is no need to be swept away by quick-paced or frantic energy. Rather, take this opportunity to put on the brakes. Step back a couple of steps. Allow yourself ample amounts of space and time.

As such, the May New Moon is asking for an added amount of self-care. You may embrace herbal teas and remedies as a part of that. Make some chamomile tea, spray some lavender on your pillow, and simply try to keep things soft, quiet, and gentle.

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