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Jupiter, Mars, Saturn, And The Moon To Align For 3 Nights In A Rare Cosmic Event

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by Conscious Reminder

A major cosmic event is set to happen on the nights of 14th, 15th, and 16th. Mars, Saturn, and Jupiter will be forming a straight line with the Moon.

The line might look straight or crooked depending on where you are, but the heavenly bodies will be aligned.

While the Moon will be bright as usual, its brightness will become pale against the much brighter Jupiter. Saturn and Mars will have their own intensity of brightness, but it will not be as bright as the expansive Jupiter.

Mars will leave Saturn last and settle down in the middle. You might be able to spot colors on Mars as well as Saturn. If you look with squinted eyes, you might spot the color even with your naked eyes!

As per Earth Sky, Saturn will have a slightly golden hue while Mars will have its traditional reddish glow. If you are having a hard time spotting these wonderful colors with your naked eyes, take out your binoculars. If you have a telescope, then you are in luck. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to witness the cosmic beauty.

You can spot Mercury properly, but it will be at a lower level. However, it will make a close alignment with the other planets too. If you know about astrology, you know that this alignment is not really the most desired one.

However, we can’t deny the beauty that this alignment will bring. Since it is out of our control, why not enjoy it while it lasts? During this tough time, it can give us a great sky-gazing moment.

The cosmic world is going through many changes this month, and it is all getting illuminated in the night stage. If you keep watching the sky, you might even be able to spot shooting stars glide through the sky.

As you are trying to admire the beauty of this cosmic alignment, you may even see the Lyrid meteor shower as it comes closer. Since we are spending most of our time at home, getting bored, this sky-gazing experience can bring a much-needed break.

Sky-gazing might be a possible hobby now that we are home most of the time, but you can also develop some other skills. You might even end up drawing fabulous pictures of the amazing sky!

During this time of house-arrest, one of the things that we are missing a lot is going outside and enjoying the fresh air. We are cut off from the stunning views of parks and the wonderful nature.

However, it does not always take a walk to enrich your mind and soul. The sky above us, with all its cosmic glory, can fascinate you with its beauty.

So, if you are someone who lives in an open area, or have access to view the clear skies, then this is a perfect time to just immerse yourself in the divine vision above. The mysterious sky is revealing a few mysteries, and we can become a part of it.

Enjoy the view while it lasts. It will make you appreciate the world around you better.

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