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Two Mantras That Will Help You Control Your Anger

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by Conscious Reminder

Anger is an emotion that can wreck a lot more than you could ever hope to heal.

There was an allegory that once spoke about how a child was asked to dig a nail into the fence every time he felt frustrated.

Once the child was done, the mentor drew the nails out of the fence, and showed him the marks. The story meant to say that some wounds cannot heal. So, it is best to be careful about how you treat the people around you, including your own self.

I have seen marriages fall apart, and friendships die, because the partners could not reign in their anger. These are extremely stressful times, and we are constantly being attacked by triggers.

Every day we are provoked, incessantly, to tear into an all-consuming rampage. But we try our best to hold it together, beneath tailored suits, and a corporate jacket.

These are 2 very special mantras that have proven great results in the area of anger-management.

1. This One Is Used To Control The Anger On A General Basis.

“Shante Prachante Sarva KrodaUpasha Mani Swaha”
It hails calmness; the divine condition of being at undisturbed peace. It urges the angry energy to return to the pool of spiritual waves that permeates the Universe.

Let it bathe itself in silence, in peace, in the calm. Only then let it come back to in a form that is positive, productive, and beneficial.

2. This One Is Used To Control The Angry Energy Between A Duo.

“Shante Prachante Sarva MahnaUpasha Mani Swaha”
It calls for a settlement in the energetic field between the people involved. It pleads with the energy, and makes it go back to the source, or the spiritual pool that the astral realms harbor.

Once it has mixed with other emotions, and found itself calmed, it can trace its way back to my body and contribute towards productive measures.

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