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What The Planets Keep In Store For Us In 2023?

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by Conscious Reminder

Get ready for a tremendous amount of transformation and change as the New Year begins.

Our hearts will want and will us to embrace our unique powers. However, at the same time, expect challenges from the world. Regardless, the next year should bring tons of evolution and scientific advancements along with well-needed progress in freedom and liberties.

Here are some of the major planetary influences in 2023:

The Power of The Sun

In 2023, the Sun and expansive Jupiter will connect on April 11th in Aries. It will be a period of positive vibes, miracles, and joy. Since both Aries’ and the Sun’s focus is mostly on the sense of self, the moment will ask you to be out there and invite amazingness, wealth, and abundance.

The Moon

In the next year, there will be 12 new moons, aka fresh starts, with two of them taking place in Aries. As for full moons, there will be 13 of them because of the rare Pisces Blue Moon taking place on August 30.

The Eclipses

The year’s first solar eclipse will take place on April 20th, and the first lunar eclipse will happen on May 5th. They will happen in Aries and Scorpio, respectively. Both events will make relationship power struggles surface along with a push to change our lives.

The second eclipse set will take place on October 14th and 28th in Libra and Taurus, respectively. This set will ask us the same questions as the first.

The Lunar Nodes

On July 17th, the destiny-influence lunar nodes will enter the Aries-Libra axis after exiting the Taurus-Scorpio axis and will reside there till January 11th, 2025. This shift will ask us to prioritize ourselves and do everything to honor our individual freedom for the approaching year and a half.

Mercury Retrogrades

The New Year takes place in the middle of a retrograde (the one that started on December 19th), and it will last till January 18th in Capricorn. This period will be recalling the lessons learned during the 2022 Venus retrograde.

2023’s first actual retrograde will start in Taurus and will last from April 21st till May 14th. This will be a period for self-improvement and self-care.

The third one will be between August 23rd and September 25th in Virgo, pushing us to think about our past and make peace necessary. The final 2023 Mercury retrograde will be between December 13th and January 1st, 2024, in first Capricorn and then Sagittarius. This period will make us take account of our finances.

Venus’ Movements

On March 2nd, the Aries Jupiter-Venus conjunct will fill us up with romantic energy and will be a great day to take a chance. On August 13th, the Venus Star Point takes place in Leo in the middle of a Venus retrograde (that begins on July 22nd and ends on September 3rd). The focus will be on fashion, spending, and love during this time.


Mars begins its retrograde on January 12 and will travel from Gemini to Sagittarius throughout the year. Martian energy will ask us to live the fullest life we can while enjoying our desires.

Jupiter’s Change

2023 begins with Jupiter in Aries, and on May 16th, it will enter Taurus. There, it will remain till May 25th, 2024. In Taurus, there will be a Jupiter retrograde from September 4th till December 30th.

Be very calculated and intuitive with money and love during this period. May 17th, when Jupiter squares Pluto, is a particularly inauspicious day for financial movements. However, June 1st, when Jupiter conjuncts with the North Lunar Node, will be a great time for taking a few monetary risks.

Saturn’s Progression

On March 7th, Saturn will enter Pisces, where it will remain till February 13th, 2026. Saturn’s previous residence in Pisces was from 1993 to 1996. So people nearing their 30s will get a dose of karmic Saturn Return. Saturn in Pisces means fantasies can turn into reality. The planet will also be retrograde between June 17th and November 4th, urging a restructuring of our lives.


The Uranus retrograde began on August 28th and will end on January 22nd in the New Year. It will symbolize internal growth as the planet will aid us in freer thought patterns focusing on more progressive ideas.


Neptune retrograde will take place in Pisces between June 30th and December 6th, forcing us to confront reality instead of taking refuge in our fabricated illusions.

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