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If You Are Experiencing Frequent Mood Swings, There Is A Chance You Are An Empath

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by Conscious Reminder

Those people who continuously experience mood swings should pay more attention to their emotions and see if those emotions are even theirs or not.

An empath is a person that feels other people’s emotions. This actually goes far away from the situation of having empathy or sympathy for someone. So, when a person is said to be an empath, he or she will physically experience everything that those people around them are feeling.

When empaths are around an angry person, they may find themselves getting upset without having a specific reason for that.

On the other hand, when empaths are around people that are happy and joyous are going to feel the benefits from feeling such emotions too.

When we notice that our moods change regularly, we should pay better attention to what is happening around us when our emotions constantly switch from good to bad or vice versa. Has a new person entered the room?

Has someone left our presence? Are those around us feeling just like we feel? It is really important to see if the emotions we feel are ours as it is easy for empaths to feel the emotions of others, which may be detrimental for every person who is involved.

An empath can even notice that those people who have major problems or heavy moods are going to seek him or her out.

As an empathy takes on other people’s heavy emotions, a person that felt bad may start feeling better after he or she spend some time with that empath. That person will feel as a load was lifted off of his or her shoulders.

In order to determine if our mood swings come as a result of us being empaths, we can do the following:

Keep our own journal of things or events which happened before we experienced mood swings;

We should try to change the scenery. When our mood changes, we should remove ourselves from all those people or even the environment in which we are right now;

Set our intentions to feel just the emotions which belong to us. We should simply close our eyes and after that tell ourselves that we release the emotions which are not ours.

In fact, the benefits and advantages of being empaths are numerous. For instance, we will have an excellent insight into other people as we can literally be in their shoes.

However, when we are not aware of our empathy gift, mood swings may be the least of our worries.

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