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Does Seeing Peacock Feathers Really Bring Bad Luck?

by consciousreminder
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by Conscious Reminder

Peacocks stand for a lot of things like good weather, happiness, security and so on. One is believed to have good luck the whole day if they see a peacock even once a day.

Peacocks are known to bring back order back into the lives of the ones who seemed to have lost it as well.

In recent times, however, it has been noticed that peacocks and peacock feathers have been reduced to bad omens or are said to bring bad luck to people who see peacocks or have peacock feathers with them but that is completely wrong. Let’s discuss.

Hinduism has always regarded the peacock highly. They are recognized as the sender of good fortune, but it must be noted that there are many other cultures who have considered the peacock to be a symbol of everything that has to do with swindling and cheating.

Why did that happen, you ask?

Peacock feathers were believed to be similar to Lilith’s features in Mesopotamia and people started to be scared of the feathers because of Lilith’s reputation in mythology.

They said that the “eyes” on the feathers were uncannily similar to Lilith’s eye that is known to bring misfortune.

That being said, peacock feathers are held in a completely different position in Greek mythology.

In Greek mythology, the eyes are said to represent the hundred eyes of Argus, the protector of Hera, who she respected immensely.

Other cultures, like of the Persians, Babylonians, Christians and the Buddhists also hold the peacock feather in high regard as it represents general peace, brotherhood and even aristocracy.

Therefore, it is absolutely absurd to call the peacock feather bad luck. It is backed by history and can be seen in different cultures being treated as a symbol of purity and love throughout humanity as a whole.

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