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Love Therapy Through Telepathic Connection

by consciousreminder
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by Conscious Reminder

Experiencing problems in our relationships is something normal in our lives. Sometimes, we argue with friends, or also have miscommunications with romantic partners. There are even cases when we hurt and mistreat ourselves.

Such situations may be frustrating, particularly when the person we argue with is a dear one and close to us and our hearts. Furthermore, when the complication is precisely within ourselves, it will be devastating. When we don’t have enough love, especially for ourselves, there will be destructive effects on our everyday lives, or relationships with other people, or even on our health. 

The therapy called telepathic love therapy proved to be useful in such situations. Although simple, it is a powerful technique as well, permitting us to share the love with others and ourselves.

This technique is working on subconscious levels, permitting our own affections to simply bypass the receiver’s consciousness. It also has a very deep effect on the relationships we have with others, promoting our inner selves’ healing.

In order to start sending our love to other people, we first have to bring our bodies to relaxed states. Whether we lie down or sit up, we need to ensure that our bodies are relaxed and comfortable.

While we are calming our breathing, we should set our intentions to send love to our receiver. We shouldn’t let others forms of thoughts distract us during the therapy. We should simply concentrate on our intention and ensure it is gentle and unconditional.

Also, we shouldn’t force our love to that person who receives it. Our intention actually is making the person feel that our love is right there for him or her to accept it if he or she chooses.

When we are done with preparing ourselves, we should focus on our receiver. We shouldn’t imagine where that person is or even what that person does right now. We can simply hold some stationary images of the person in the eye of our mind.

After that, we should think about the love we feel for this person, in order to awaken it, as it is present within us. We are going to start feeling in a different way. We might also feel overwhelmed; however, we shouldn’t let this to break our concentration.

After that, we should imagine the love as an energy form which is flowing from within us to others. We should gently permit that energy to start moving from our heart to the heart of the receiver.

One important thing would be to be quite perceptive when we do that therapy. We have to be sensitive about how our receiver feels. There will be times when he or she can resist our love. When this happens, we need to stop performing the therapy, trying again in the future.

Such telepathic therapy will be ideal when done for 15 minutes or an hour. Moreover, in order to establish stronger relationships with receivers, we have to do the therapy more regularly. But, we also have to be conscious of the feelings of our receiver.

In order to send some love to ourselves, we may start that by doing this therapy. However, it would be better if we practice sending some love to other people first before ourselves.

After we have the ability to do that, we should not close our therapy, but focus the energy flow back to ourselves. We should let that love fill us within and let it pass throughout our bodies and heal us.

Feeling overwhelmed is also possible. Self-love will be a really powerful force; however, rather than panicking and breaking our concentration, we should permit our love warm us up inside.

We should accept that love with some feeling of happiness and joy and also feel our energies brighten up. If we constantly practice the therapy for ourselves, we will have the capacity to channel our love to ourselves without sharing it with other people first.

And, above all, we will have the ability to learn to love ourselves and treat ourselves better. We are going to notice some positive changes in our lives as we feel more confident and self-assured.

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