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How To Know If Your Guardian Angel Is Trying To Get Your Attention

by consciousreminder
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by Conscious Reminder

When you are in a pickle and you suddenly have a bright idea that can get you out or something of a bolt out of the blue, you probably have your guardian angel to thank for it.

Our guardian angel is the one and only entity that can get us out of some really troublesome things and can also guide us through the most difficult things in our lives.

All those things being said, there are also times in our lives when we do not realize that our guardian angel is trying to communicate with us. They try to make things easier and help you avoid a misfortune in several ways, of which we are mostly unaware.

Following is a list of signs that indicate that your guardian angel is trying to tell you something!

Room Temperature 

There is more to weird temperatures than you might think. If you were having a casual day and if you suddenly feel extremely hot or cold, it is probably your guardian angel saying hi and telling you that they are with you. However, if the weather may be a little crazy that particular day, it would be another story, but this is one of the most common signs of your guardian angel making contact with you.

Coming across some particular number sequences too many times 

Yeah, we often see number sequences like 11:11 a lot of times but if that is all you are seeing everywhere you look, there is something that it is essentially for you to know or understand. It is generally a good sign and is probably a sign for you to go forward with something you were unsure of, or maybe just a message that is asking you to stay strong. 


Say, one day you wake up, get dressed and as you are leaving for work, you smell the chocolate chip cookies that your mother made every Saturday when you were a child. If something like this does happen or if it keeps happening, our guardian angel is trying to remind us of how things used to be or of some unfinished task that needs our immediate attention.

Your pets start to act weird

If you have a cat or a dog, chances are that they will recognize the presence of your guardian angel before you do. This is especially applicable for cats. They are the first ones to know. If your pet is very calm and keeps staring at one direction all day, it is a sign. All in all, if your pet too is too quiet, your guardian angel might be paying you a visit. 

Out of harm’s way

Let us consider an example for this. Say, you were crossing a road and a car with the brakes failed was right on its way towards you but just as it was going to hit you, the brakes work and you are saved. This, dear reader, is no coincidence or luck, it was your guardian angel at work.  

Feathers everywhere 

If you find a lot of feathers thrown in your way wherever you go and there are no birds, it is an indication that you are being looked after by your guardian angel. White feathers, especially, are known to be associated with guardian angels. 

Or cards

Cards are supposed to be one of the most pertinent signs of your guardian angel communicating to you. If you find a particular card, the meaning of that card is what the angel is trying to tell you. 


We dream everyday but we rarely remember our dreams and sometimes even if we do not remember what we dreamt, we wake up high spirited and very positive. This might happen if our angel is sending us happy messages through our dreams.

Your guardian angel wants to reach out to you. Why not let them? 

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