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What Does Having A Black Aura Symbolize?

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Auras are our subtle bodies which may be dark, or light, vibrant, or shadowy. But, these are eternal, and everyone has one. It needs training, and psychic ability, to deduce someone’s aura.

The fact is, auras don’t symbolise who you are, but they reflect the image of what you are. Auras grow, just like us, with us. They are never constant and change according to the psychological environment the human is in.

Black Auras, like everything black, is often misunderstood as something completely evil, and as something meant to be ostracized. It stands apart from every other aura, but despite your apparent misgivings, it is not something to be afraid of.

What Is A Black Aura?

Auras are the imprints of everything we send into the universe. They have different colours which represent the energies we are driven by every day. We glow with an aura that is symbolic of the force that dominates us at that moment. Therefore, our auras fluctuate with our day to day emotions and situations.

We cannot deny that black auras are negative in essence.  People with black auras suck in energy from different sources instead of sending it out, which makes them a parasite to everything around them. This harms them, as well as everyone around them.

However, even a black aura can take various forms. The depth of the black aura is deduced from the hues that define them. The more opaque, or darker, the eviler it is. It is true that someone with a completely dark aura would spread around negative energy while sucking in the positive energy.


Black auras are caused by self-harm, or self-deprecation, where the self  revolts against the body, and refuses to work in the way it is supposed to. This results in self-hate which leads to a formation of the black aura around the body, for there is negativity surrounding the body.

What To Do

Letting go of this isn’t easy. But there are methods. One has to spiritually cleanse themselves in order to be completely fresh, and ready for positive energy to flow through. This would brighten up their aura into lighter shades like white.

The best way is to meditate. When one meditates, they are in touch with their souls, their selves. This is the best time to reconcile the self with the soul and negate the negativity that came with their conflict with each other.

So, if a psychic reading has revealed that you have a black aura, do not be afraid and start hating yourself. Listen to your soul and become a beautiful being with a radiant aura!

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