Deep Penumbral Lunar Eclipse 10 February 2017 – Practical Magic

Despite being called the Snow Moon, things will really be heating up next week. Energetically speaking, of course.

The lunar eclipse on Friday 10 February 2017 is at 22 degrees Leo. The lunar eclipse February 2017 astrology is awesome, wonderful and magical! There are so many positive aspects packed into the lunar eclipse horoscope that you can only be optimistic about the months ahead.

The February 2017 lunar eclipse has many talents contained in a mystical aspect pattern. Truly beautiful symmetry with Saturn will turn talent to magic and bring practical results and lasting achievements.

Lunar Eclipse Meaning

Like any full moon, a lunar eclipse focuses your attention on relationships of all kinds. The Sun opposite Moon qualities of emotions and instincts reach their peak at a lunar eclipse. This lets you take an objective and balanced look at your close personal relationships. Being in touch with your own needs and intentions, and those of others, you can clearly see any relationship imbalances causing disharmony.

With a lunar eclipse in particular, the blotting out of the Moon represents a resetting of emotions, clearing away the emotional baggage of the previous six months. The horoscope for a lunar eclipse is like a snapshot in time, but like old style photography, it takes time to develop.

The February 16 lunar eclipse marks the end of an eclipse phase which began with the challenging September 2016 solar and lunar eclipse. Together with the February 26 solar eclipse, this February 10 lunar eclipse will remain active until the August 2017 lunar eclipse.

Lunar Eclipse February 2017 Astrology

Lunar eclipse February 2017 is located at 22°28′ Leo Sign as well as in Leo Constellation. At 21°40′ Leo in the Head of the Lion, fixed star Ras Elased Borealis will have some typically brash Leo influence but is not a major player among the stars. The full moon/lunar eclipse aspect itself, Sun opposite Moon, is much more powerful and highlights relationship dynamics and the polarities between partners, home and work, friends and family etc.

Jupiter opposite Uranus complicates those personal issues by exaggerating your need for personal freedom and excitement. You will feel a strong urge to react, or rebel against anything that is stopping you from having fun and doing what you want. There may be a sudden event that releases your built up tension and leads to a major change in circumstances. The more restricted you have felt, the more upsetting this change is likely to be.

Lunar Eclipse February 2017 Astrology

Looking at the red lines in the lunar eclipse February 2017 astrology chart below you would think these two oppositions double the trouble. However, each planet of one opposition assists the planets in the other opposition. Do opposites attract through all the harmonious blue aspects?

Lunar Eclipse February 2017 Mystic Rectangle

The tense red cross enclosed by calm blue aspects is called a mystic rectangle aspect pattern. The high energy oppositions produce a lot of tension and activity. The harmonious aspects bring resolution to any conflict but can also mask an unsettled inner nature. This cool exterior may fool others into thinking you have it all together but don’t fool yourself. Recognize or admit the source of your red inner tension and use your blue talents to resolve them.

Moon sextile Jupiter and Sun trine Jupiter shower your personal issues with happiness and good fortune. Old relationships grow and new relationships blossom. The sociable nature of these aspects extends to group activities and helping out others. You will feel more generous and can expect favors and good fortune yourself. Financial gains can increase your net worth, plus your level of satisfaction and contentment. Personal and spiritual growth come through studies and travel, anything aimed at broadening your outlook on life.

Moon trine Uranus and Sun sextile Uranus revitalize tired old relationships and brings surprising new ones. Look forward to exciting changes, pleasant surprises and stimulating encounters. You should enjoy greater personal freedom to try something new and exciting. Socializing, group activities and chance meeting are favored. You are more likely to meet unorthodox types or people from different cultural or ethnic backgrounds than your own.

All New Pyramid Aspect Pattern

With Saturn placed above of the mystic rectangle as shown above in the chart, a three dimensional pyramid structure can be seen. Lets call it a pyramid aspect pattern, a rare beauty that requires five planets on similar degrees in five Signs. And lets say it turns the talents of the mystic rectangle into magic.

Each corner of the mystic rectangle gains wisdom and patience, stability and security from fatherly Saturn. The mystic rectangle is already considered a positive configuration and now Saturn really nails the point home. Respect Saturn and he makes your good works strong and lasting. Saturn uses the talents in the mystic rectangle to make practical magic.

Moon trine Saturn and Sun sextile Saturn gives the patience and emotional strength to handle any relationship issue. Others may come to you for advice on a personal matter or just for a shoulder to cry on. Traditional values and old habits can bring solutions to new problems. You can rely on strong instincts and common sense to make important decisions about your home, family and relationships. You are determined to achieve practical results and make no mistakes.

Jupiter sextile Saturn means cautious expansion. Sound judgement helps you chose the opportunities that are right for you. These opportunities may be in your career, through investment or business deals, or in your personal life such as major material possessions or relationship choices. Patience, perseverance and a strong work ethic mean you are most likely to succeed now. Common sense and sustained effort are required because this is a serious and long-term projects you are working on.

Saturn trine Uranus is a transition phase. This is the ideal time to make positive changes in your life because they should run smoothly. Change will not be upsetting or erratic as it sometimes can. You will remain calm and patient, planning every step methodically. You can find new days of doing old things without rocking the boat. Group activity is favored where you can bring people together from very different backgrounds and keep them interested in a common long-term goal.

Lunar Eclipse February 2017 Visibility

Being a penumbral lunar eclipse, only the fuzzy outer shadow of the earth falls on the face of the Moon. No blackening occurs but there should be some dark shading over one edge of the moon.

Previous Moon Phase: New Moon 27 January 2017
Next Moon Phase: Solar Eclipse 26 February 2017

Lunar Eclipse February 2017 Times and Dates


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