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How To Know If My Partner Is In Fact My Twin Soul

by consciousreminder
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by Conscious Reminder

In recent times, with the shift of energies and the rise of the frequencies, the need of having a soul mate and finding our twin flame has increased.

Lives aren’t as slow and smooth as they used to be earlier which is why it has become important to have someone who knows your soul and can remind you of your true energy when you need it the most. Unlike other love relationships, soul-mate twin flame doesn’t just happen or break all by itself. Your twin flame connection is not someone you ‘know’.

They are a part of your soul that got detached from you before entering the 3D word. You meet them later in life or sometimes even after death in the next life. Remember, it’s the body that dies, not the soul. Sometimes twin flame take birth at the same time and they can be years apart.

But that just increases the longing and passion between them when they find each other. There are processes and phases that need to be completed before the twin flame couple can begin having a peaceful happy life together.

Sometimes, we are unable to find our twin flame connection or are unable to be with them, in such situations we are sent more than one kind of soulmate so that we can get through this life in a fulfilling manner. It is to be remembered that there is not only a romantic soulmate.

In life, you will come across various soulmates who will bring out different kinds of goodness in you. There will be a ‘let’s get some coffee together’ kind of soulmate, a ‘similar taste in music’ kind of soulmate, ‘let’s go on a walk’ kind of soulmate, ‘let’s make money’ kind of soulmate.

A romantic soulmate who will love you entirely is just one of the many soulmates you will have in life. Not to forget, you can find a soulmate belonging to your gender too. Just be ready to accept them when they walk into your life.

Twin flames need to be absolutely balanced in many aspects, one of which is divine masculinity and femininity. This will make sure that both of you can fill in the gaps as and when needed.

Twin flame and soulmates aren’t completely similar but they aren’t absolutely different from each other either. Both of these bonds share similarities. They all belong to the same tree, just different branches, serving one mutual purpose and that is, completing you as a person.

Finding your true twin flame doesn’t mean you will instantly start blending in with them and it’s going to be all happy and pretty. Just like other humans, you two will also need time to adjust according to each other’s needs. It’s not that you should meet anyone before you meet your twin flame. Life is a series of walk ins and walks outs.

Every person you meet will give you some sort of experience and honestly, that is what life is all about. It is through this journey of meeting new people and exploring different minds, you’ll find your soul mates. Sometimes your soulmate can be someone you’ve lived your entire life with, your sibling, your parent, your grandparents, even your teacher.

You won’t realize how valuable they are and what they add in your life until you realize that just the thought of not having them around can send chills down your spine.

Some of us do face such situations where we have to face the death of our soulmate but all of this is just a part of life. When someone leaves, someone else awaits and your life keeps going.

It’s going to be a lie if I say that people can fill each other’s spaces because they can’t. But they can make sure that you don’t go through it alone and that means a lot. The most, actually.

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