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Don’t Let Your Children Become The Only Reason You Live

by consciousreminder
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by Conscious Reminder

Please, don’t live only for your children! Not only they don’t need it, but it’s also harming them… How many destroyed lives, broken hearts, bitterness and misunderstandings!

I see women who have given up on their lives for their children. And then I see those kids whom they gave up everything for. The picture is sad…

I’m begging you, don’t live for the children! Have a different purpose in life, find another definition of motherhood and fatherhood, so the little boys and girls who come to this planet don’t become hostages and victims of your “mercy” and guardianship.

Let them grow, the way God wanted to. Whatever you have it’s enough. Someone has millions, and someone fights to meet ends – it’s different for everybody. You can’t allow it to influence your child and his or her upbringing. It is what it is.

Love your husband. Children grow up, but he will stay with you. You can give the children an example of a good relationship, so one day the want their own family and children.

Obsessing over your children’s ‘problems’ will make you forget who you as a couple once were. Eventually, you will start ignoring your own and your husband’s desires and needs which, probably, won’t end pretty.

Love yourself. Do not forget about yourself in the race for your children’s happiness. Do not give up on the dress because of a new robot. Do not change your beautician for a more expensive tutor.

If you don’t take care of yourself, how can you take care of others? What example are you giving? What kind of love is it? Where will it come from?

Seek the meaning of life beyond the material. This life will end one day, even if you don’t want to think about it now. Spiritual practice, religion, prayer, reading the Scriptures… You can draw strength from there, instead turning your children in a power source.

Do not live for the children, please. When I meet people to whom parents have given everything they ever wanted, and more, it’s really painful to look them in the eye. In many I recognize myself and my pain. I see these pains, broken hearts, empty souls. In their eyes – a cry for help. Pain, despair, guilt…

They – like all children – want to love their parents and be close with them. But simply they can’t do it. It’s draining them.

Give your children the ability to live and breathe. Then they will be able to grow and develop in a way they were predestined to.

We are like gardeners. Our role as parents is simple – ‘water’ our children in time, protect them from ‘pests’, but don’t hide them from the ‘Sun’. Just like flowers they will make the best use of it, and turn into something beautiful. 

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