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Spring 2023: Happiness & New Beginnings For Three Lucky Zodiac Signs

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by Conscious Reminder

Six planets will change signs in Spring 2023, with some doing so for the first time in tens or hundreds of years.

This is going to be an incredible season. As a result of this significant change, the pace of our lives will undoubtedly quicken.

In fact, Saturn will be transiting Pisces, while Pluto will be transiting Aquarius. At the same time, Mercury, Venus, Jupiter, and the Sun will all enter Aries, allowing us to venture into new territory in the coming months. Get ready for an exciting new chapter!

According to astrologers, the upcoming Spring appears to be very promising. Indeed, three zodiac signs will have the opportunity to engage in activities that will provide them with an overwhelming sense of joy.

The night sky sparkles and glows like a massive disco ball, and it offers three zodiac signs a wide range of opportunities.

Soon, these lucky people will be overwhelmed with good news and pleasant surprises and will be unsure where to turn!


After going through a particularly emotional period, you will feel a surge of renewed energy on Monday, March 20, as the Sun enters Aries.

This event heralds the arrival of the Spring season, a time to rejoice in happiness, abundance, and creativity. Mark this date on your calendar if you want to advance in your career or invest more in a project that you care about!

The New Moon will enter Aries the next day, so don’t pass up this chance! When Pluto enters Aquarius on March 23, it is an invitation to embark on a new phase of your life, one that will most likely benefit your professional endeavors.

As Jupiter enters Aries, you can expect a significant increase in your income, which will be beneficial to your financial situation.

According to astrology, Spring 2023 will provide you with the opportunity to live new experiences, feel new emotions, and experience an adrenaline rush like no other.

Pay attention to your gut instinct and ask the stars to illuminate and guide you.


Sagittarius, you begin with a clean slate. Spring is almost here, and it has some exciting news for you. Your relationships with others will flourish with Venus in Aries.

Prepare to rekindle your passion and tenderness for your partner, or prepare to experience love in its purest form.

Do not be afraid to put yourself out there by making the first move or expressing yourself honestly and openly.

On the emotional front, the planet of love and harmony directs your actions: if you are single, now is the time to meet new people and try your luck at finding love.

Jupiter will remain in Aries until the middle of May, so you can expect significant gains in your finances in April as a result of your hard work and any contracts you may sign.

However, if you find yourself in a situation where you need to borrow money, you should proceed with caution because it is highly likely that you will be unable to repay your debts.

Maintain vigilance, avoid unnecessary spending, and manage your finances prudently. Don’t forget to seize the opportunities that come your way with courage and confidence, and make the most of whatever else your destiny has in store for you.


Have you heard that Saturn will enter your sign in early March and stay there until 2025? This period will be marked by a strong commitment on your part in a variety of areas.

The stars encourage you to focus your attention and energy on the important aspects of your life, such as your loved ones.

Take advantage of the current planet alignment by setting your boundaries calmly and confidently. The decisions you make and the vows you make during this time will last a lifetime.

Despite the fact that you are the most dreamy zodiac sign, now is the time to make your most fantastical fantasies come true.

You have the universe’s support, so go for it. Because Mercury and Venus are currently transiting through your sign, you can take risks, push yourself, and live life to the fullest.

Destiny will give you the opportunity to accomplish everything you have never been able to do before.

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