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Warning Signs That You Stop Breathing In Your Dream

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by Conscious Reminder

Breathing is essential for life – this is a basic truth which is probably taught in primary schools. We are always breathing, even when we sleep.

However, Sleep Apnea is a common disorder that might cause you to suddenly stop breathing repeatedly during your sleep! It blocks the airways repeatedly leading to a lack of air from entering your lungs.

This can lead your major organs, especially the brain, being deprived of oxygen. You might wake up a couple of times at night and worse still, you might end up with severe consequences.

Sleep Apnea is most noticeable in people who snore while sleeping and often emanate choking sounds. Obesity can lead to sleep apnea too. However, slim people might face it as well.

Some of the red flags that indicate you might have sleep apnea are:

1. Exhaustion

Do you often feel tired throughout the day even after having a supposed good night’s sleep? This might be due to disrupted sleep cycles. When your brain gets deprived of essential oxygen, it sends signals for you to get up suddenly.

\While your brain requires about 30 seconds to understand that it is awake, your sleep cycle has already been disrupted at night making you exhausted through the day.

2. Forgetfulness and mood swings

Do you feel irritated at the smallest of things? Mood swings and memory problems are a constant issue which is related to sleep apnea. If you are deprived of proper sleep, you might find yourself forgetting little details like where your car is parked.

You might lose focus repeatedly and not get it back easily while working. Plus, with everything burdening your mind, you might feel low and crabby all the time.

3. Headaches

If you are experiencing a massive headache, many people advise you to get some sleep. But what if you have a headache just after you get up from sleep? This is a clear sign that you are not breathing properly while sleeping.

Your brain is getting oxygen-deprived and the headache is its reminder. It is also not a headache that will continue throughout the day. Once you wake up and refuel yourself with oxygen, it will go away within one hour or two.

4. Dry mouth or itchy throat

Does your throat itch or do you struggle to swallow food? If you have been snoring while sleeping and keeping your mouth open for air intake, then you can identify the cause when you wake up with a dry mouth. So much air flowing through your mouth will cause dryness of the mouth.

If you think that you are suffering from sleep apnea, then consult a doctor and start choosing health before everything else. Take care of yourself.

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