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6 Signs Your Child Is An Old Soul

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Some people are older than their years. They are old souls trapped in younger bodies.

There are some key signs to watch out for which might tell you that your own child is also such a being. These people tend to be more mature and calm and display a lot more world weariness as a major trait. Here are six signs you can watch out for in order to determine whether your child fits the bill and the things you can do to deal with it.

1. They’re Misfits

As old souls, they can’t really get excited by the usual hobbies and pass times of kids their own age. While later in life they may grow to appreciate the qualities of childhood, they might not get on too well with kids their own age at the time.

2. They Get Along with Adults

This isn’t much of a surprise considering the earlier point. They enjoy a deeper level of conversation, a depth that can be provided to them by people older than themselves. That’s why they even get age-inappropriate humour earlier.

3. They Question Authority

Their greater maturity lets them see through the ruse that adults are always right. They quickly realize when figures in authority are as wrong as anyone else. Rebellion is fairly routine.

4. Take Nothing for Granted

Authoritarian behaviour is not respected by them. They will follow the rules if they understand the logic behind the rules and agree with the basic principles. That level of engagement is necessary to bring them to heel. They will not take anything for granted and will question everything until they find satisfactory answers.

5. They Can be a Bit Introverted

At a very early age they start the process of learning to accept themselves and see through the façade of teenage social competition. They hence like to spend time alone. The social insecurity factor is lesser in an old soul.

6. They Underachieve

Motivation is a main concern when dealing with them as students. They are not motivated by the same things as others. If they find the goal to be uninteresting then they will not expend any effort. Keep them in school and maybe try for some healthy after school programs.

If you think you’re an old soul yourself, we’d love to hear about your experiences. 

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