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When Two People Feel The Power Of True Spiritual Connection

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by Conscious Reminder

Oh! You cannot even imagine the power of spiritual energy.

Spiritual energy results in a connection which is more fulfilling than any physical relationship you will ever have. Spiritual energy is that inexplicable connection that you might feel for a person; you might sit and think about them and keep thinking about them all the time, you won’t be able to stop yourself from this.

That is the power of spiritual energy.

An emotional connection results in the formation of “cords”. These cords aren’t physical and they don’t depend on distance. These are astral and etheric and just transfer energy.

Spiritual energy produces very strong developed cords. And these cords cannot be broken, no matter what you do. If you work on establishing spiritual energy when the cords already exist, you will transform the connection into something ethereal and surreal. But if you don’t work on making the connection strong, the cord will become weak gradually.

Now the thing to remember is that spiritual connections not only give happiness; sometimes they can also give sorrow and pain because two people reach a level where their energies have an impact on each other. The spiritual energy connection can also lead to a lot of expectations.

Meditation can actually help in increasing and regulating the spiritual energy between two people. It also helps two people to balance out the problems and the tensions.

And this is pretty obvious.

Spiritual energy surely has a positive impact on our lives. You will actually enter a metaphysical world. You may end up understanding ideas and things that are beyond this world. Spiritual energy helps in spiritual growth of both the people.

But even if one of them spiritually grows, the other person can also be elevated to spiritual growth and betterment. Also, spiritual energy ends up creating a change in the consciousness of both the people who are involved. Thus, you will be able to understand good and evil in a much better way.

Also, your intuition or your gut feeling will improve. You will become more aware about yourself and the world around you.

So, what do you think about the concept of spiritual energy?

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