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July Is Going To Be An Intense Month: Get Ready For The Massive Energy Influx

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by Conscious Reminder

The forces of the stars and spheres are going to be in a state of dynamic flux for this month of July. This will make the month hectic, tiring and very evanescent, i.e. you will not have time to breathe and be idle. Go with the flow and see where it takes you.

As far as the forces at work are concerned, they are roughly the following: there is the Sirius Gateway, the five planets in retrograde and a couple of eclipses.

All of them are representations of different kinds of energies. At a glance, the month will be a chaotic but really energetic month.

Eclipses had achieved metaphysical status in almost all major world myths as long as there has been civilisation. Everyone sees them in awe but their effects are very varied and their intensities are felt differently by different individuals.

Eclipses this time of the year are all about revisiting. This time, the eclipses that happened back in January are returning to give you time and opportunity for closure. So be wary of these returning energies. If you think you have debts to pay remember them.

Also, do not try to fight these astrological urges, these are not in your alley of strength. On the contrary, go with the flow and see where these energies lead you.

The eclipses, according to date, are as follows:

  1. 12th July, Solar, in the constellation of Cancer.
  2. 27th July, Lunar, in the constellation of Aquarius.

The former is all about action and decisiveness, and is associated with Mars, the planet of War. Also, this is the first eclipse in Cancer since 2011. So its energies are still a mystery for us to figure out.

The latter is especially special as it is the eclipse of emotional energies and will help your personal, romantic endeavours out a lot more than you think. There is much fear associated with eclipses and hence many people tend to get tensed about them; but rather than thinking of them as portents of things evil, think of them as metaphysical signs from the universe which you must interpret, by putting your feelings at that moment in light of your life.

A total of five planets will be in retrograde in this month. Retrograde energies are also very unique and quite powerful for that matter. They are all about moving inwards, reflecting on oneself, meditating and finding out for oneself what it means to exist in this given time in the universe.

So all in all, what it seems like, this month will be a month of completion, of wrapping up, of getting closure. Yes, it will be energetic, but it does require expending a lot of energy to get to the shore while rowing on a canoe in a stormy sea called life.

Do not have plans you would not be able to complete. Do not have high-flung dreams and ambitions. Not for this month.

Instead use this month as a month of deconstruction and re-building. Get your old plans out from the nooks and corners of your mind where you hid them. Seek out your old self and find the energy you were looking for in the universe around you. This will make you adequate in yourself to reach and find what you were looking for.

Also in the month of the building, tie up ends that were loose in your life. Be more complete.

What you lacked before, the universe is providing you with, right now. Make the most of it and seize the month!

Happy building.

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