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The Most And Least Affected Zodiac Signs By The Virgo New Moon

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by Conscious Reminder

Virgo Season is all about sorting out your priorities and suddenly feeling like polishing up the home. The 2021 September New Moon will happen on 6th September.

It will be a chance to change our lives to bring out our most practical and efficient selves. Now, for some signs, it might be uncomfortable to assess and change yourself.

However, for some others, the new moon will have almost no effect. For them, the changes will come effortlessly.

The 3 Signs Who Have All The Power:


The new moon in Virgo is moving into your home and family’s fourth house. So expect some drastic changes when it comes to these aspects. Revamping your personal spaces can express your creativity and be enjoyable too.

Mercury rules both Virgo and you, so you won’t have much trouble expressing yourself. Plan out all the different ways you can complete the next tasks, and get ready for when the light bulb turns on. Make use of this chance to clean up. Cluttered spaces may restrict you from grasping the best ideas.


Mars, the passionate and hungry planet, is in Virgo along with the new moon, so you will be feeling extremely empowered. Seize it. The September new moon can be a great chance to reflect and find out what’s been good, and where you are headed.

You feel better when you better yourself. Expect a reward for that grind in the form of meaningful changes that can help you reach your goal.


If you were raring to begin life’s next chapter, then you will get a detailed trailer of it this new moon. The Virgo new moon is moving through your purpose and occupation’s tenth house. So expect to have your most dire queries regarding your calling answered.

The new moon may get you the much-needed clarity that you have been searching for for the past couple of months. It will be all about being as detailed as possible, so jot down your objectives for the year ahead to get a better idea of what you wish for and what you should be doing.

The 3 Signs Who Should Be A Bit More Careful Than The Rest:


This is a questionable time for being as reactive and impulsive as you usually are. You tend to put your all into chasing your goals but do not forget the details.

Meticulous Virgo is influencing you to think about your projects’ details, but you have to sort out your priorities too. Visible progress might motivate you, but keep in mind that the smaller successes are the true markers of success. The new moon asks you to be more disciplined when it comes to life.


The September new moon is entering your death, sex, and loss sector. Even though you usually uplift everyone around you, you have difficulties relating to anyone spiritually.

The Virgo new moon will ask you to rethink and abandon the thought that no one understands you. You often have difficulty being in the present. This lunation will push you into connecting with others that will need you to be extremely attentive to their needs.


This new moon will be a challenging time when it comes to working with others. Your dreamlike nature results in you having high and often unrealistic expectations of your partners.

But the new moon will push you to reassess your professional ethics and be diligent in following your task list. You might be able to balance artistry and discipline if you experiment with your way of accomplishing your responsibilities.

Exciting and new opportunities are headed your way. But you have to be willing to work for it.

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