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What The Black Cat Symbolizes (More Than Just Bad Luck) – Myths & Superstitions About Black Cats

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by Conscious Reminder

Cats have a special bond with humans and have been domesticated since ancient Egyptian times.

In fact, they were revered as gods during these times and were treated with the utmost care and respect.

It appears that those of us who know cats understand that there is something special about these animals, so much so that we are willing to feed them, scoop up their poop, and let them destroy our furniture… After all, it appears that little has changed since ancient Egypt.

Many people have been superstitious about black cats in particular throughout history, and will avoid them whenever they see them. If you think this is just a silly superstition and that no one believes black cats are bad luck, you should know that they are the least likely to be adopted from an animal shelter. On Halloween night, they are sometimes tormented, captured, and even killed, according to legend.

So, where does this superstition originate? Should we be concerned about black cats? If that’s the case, I’m screwed because I’ve been the proud owner of my handsome black kitty named Salem for the past 5 years. This also brings up the point about how black cats and witches appear to be synonymous. So, why is this the case, and what should we know about these furry black creatures?

First, Some History

Throughout history, black cats have been associated with the occult. Cats are compared to serpents coiled on the hearth in Hebrew and Babylonian folklore. Killing a cat was a capital offense in ancient Egypt, and when a cat died, it was mummified, followed by a period of mourning for the family. The cat was considered sacred by Roman cultures, who brought it to Europe. A black cat crossing one’s path is considered bad luck in the vast majority of European countries, and the church has long associated black cats with witchcraft. These animals were also thought to be shapeshifters, with witches able to transform into them and do evil things without being noticed. Many people believed that the devil would take the form of a black cat, and on holy days like Easter, black cats were frequently hunted down and burned in the Middle Ages.

Fortunately, in some cultures, the perception of the black cat shifted from bad luck to good luck, as in Scotland, where a strange black cat on your porch is still regarded as a sign of impending prosperity. In England, fishermen’s wives would keep black cats in their homes while their husbands were away, believing that the animals would keep their husbands safe while they were at sea.

Some More Updated Theories

There is no doubt that black cat superstitions are among the most well-known and popular. One has to wonder what witches saw in black cats and why they had a relationship with them in the first place, because many people now understand that witches were not evil, but simply more connected to the power of the universe that lies within all of us. The powers that be did not want this information to spread, which is why the Middle Ages saw a massive crusade against witches and pretty much any intuitive woman. So, why did the witches have black cats?

A black cat is a good companion to have because it will double the power of any spell. Black cats are also witches and are more connected to the mysterious powers of the universe. Talking to your cat will teach you everything you need to know about magic.

Aside from the color black, the cat represents the following characteristics:

  • Patience, waiting for the right moment to react
  • Independence, yet enjoying social connections
  • Spirit of adventure, courage
  • Deep, relaxed connection with self
  • Healing from the inside out
  • Curiosity, exploration of the unknown or the unconscious

Another way to interpret the cat’s meaning as a spirit animal or totem is to consider its ability to see in the dark and be at ease when most other animals and humans are not. If the cat appears in your life as a spirit guide or as your totem, you may be inclined to begin exploring areas of your life or aspects of yourself that you are not yet familiar with.

When we observe cats, we notice that they have a lot of flexibility and agility. It will always be able to get back on its feet, regardless of the circumstances. You may be encouraged to develop your flexibility on many different levels by your affinity with the cat totem, whether it is in your physical body, mind, emotions, or spirit.

The cat totem can inspire you to change your perspective and have the courage to act or incorporate it into your life. If the cat spirit animal appears in your life, it may be time to try new approaches.

Here’s another interesting point:

“It’s not all bad for the black cat though. Black cats aboard ships at sea are a longstanding tradition associated with good luck. From pirate ships to naval vessels, cats have been welcomed on board because they keep the rodents away from the ship’s food supply and provide companionship for an isolated crew. Unlike in the United States, where they typically have negative connotations, other nations—like the United Kingdom and Japan—believe that black cats can bring prosperity, bless a marriage, ensure good harvests, and even help bring success to a theater production.” 

Do Cats Show Up In Your Dreams?

Some people interpret the presence of cats in their dreams as a bad omen, while others believe the cat represents your feminine essence and sensuality. These dreams could be a reminder to embrace your inner mischievous and mysterious nature. If you see a black cat, it is a sign to pay attention to what your intuition is telling you. The Ancient Egyptians believed that cats could travel between dimensions, so seeing a black cat in your dream with a message for you would not be surprising.

Since the beginning of their human interactions, there appears to have been an heir of mystery and wonder surrounding black cats.

Perhaps these superstitions are created by you.

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