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A Leading Psychiatrist Shares 20 Amazing Tips To Help You Overcome Any Obstacle In Life

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by Conscious Reminder

Mikhail Litvak – one of the world’s most renown psychiatrists and psychotherapists – shares these 20 tips that, although short, if applied correctly, can help you face and overcome every obstacle in life. 

Dr. Litvak developed this problem solving system and called it “Psychological Aikido”. He himself was the first one who used it and with remarkable results.

In my opinion, if you take the time to study and apply these 20 short tips, you will have a very powerful psychological weapon in your hands.

1. If a person has nothing good to say about himself/herself- but wants to say something anyway – he or she will start talking bad about others.

2. If you want to ‘bury’ something, ‘bury’ yourself in science (knowledge), don’t bury a knife in your friend’s back.

3. Depression was given to people in order to make them introspect and reevaluate their behavior.

4. People don’t reject people – some of us simply advance, and some fall behind. Those who fall behind feel rejected.

5. If you feel good about yourself, where’s the need for others to feel the same about you as well?

6. If you want something, don’t ask for permission. You won’t get it!

7. The ability to love and cope with loneliness is a sign of spiritual maturity. In fact, we function best when we are alone.

8. An immature person often possess knowledge, but he/she does not know how to get use of it, while a mature person has the knowledge and knows how to apply it. That’s why immature people criticize others, while mature ones take action.

9. I don’t know the way to success, but I certainly know the shorcut to failure – wanting to please everybody.

10. There is no male or female logic, only ability or inability to think wisely.

11. If you want to meet your biggest enemy – look in the mirror. When you are ready to face him/her, you’ll have no problems facing anyone else.

12. Become successful and all the insults will magically disappear.

13. It’s really comfortable to talk with a friend, but it’s really useful to talk with an enemy.

14. There is only one valid reason to end a romantic or business relationship – the inability to maintain continual personal growth and development while being in one.

15. You should share your happiness with your friends and even your enemies. Your friends will be happy and the enemies will be furious.

16. Don’t chase after happiness and you’ll find a place where it dwells. Happiness will find you. I can tell you a place where happiness is always found – in you. The shortest path to it leads through your personal development.

17. Happiness is a by-product of a well-organized action.

18. If you want to prove something to someone, it means that you live for that person. But, if you live for yourself, then you do not have anything to prove to anybody.

19. Fantasizing is the voice of our ability. For example, if I fantasize about singing in an opera, but neither have I the voice nor the hearing, I will hardly ever be on scene. However, if I fantasize about something that is more in tune with my abilities, I will fulfill my dreams pretty quickly.

20. It’s better to communicate with a good book than a bad person.

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