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Major Dos & Don’ts For The May Black New Moon In Taurus

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by Conscious Reminder

Lean into luxurious Taurus vibes.

The May 2023 New Moon occurs on May 19th in Taurus, the headstrong sign. This invigorating lunation adds a spark of joy to our lives by reminding us to be patient, trust the process, and enjoy the small pleasures. Put on a robe, put on some music, and follow these dos and don’ts.

DO: Practice What You Preach

This lunation is all about aligning your beliefs and ideas with your lifestyle, with chatty planet Mercury making a steamy aspect to Saturn, the planet of discipline. Manifesting #luckygirlsyndrome? Place yourself in situations that will increase your luck.

DON’T: Fight To Be Right

Taurus is a fixed earth sign, and their steadfast loyalty can be misconstrued as stubbornness. Under this new moon, don’t put your ego ahead of your relationships. You could be correct, but is arguing about a wrong turn worth jeopardizing a good date?

DO: Stay Open-Minded

When La Luna collides with Uranus in Taurus, the stage is set for shocking revelations. That being said, ideas and perspectives can shift. Respect others’ differing viewpoints and avoid conflict; instead, look into the sudden change of heart.

DON’T: Forget To Prioritize Yourself

Venus-ruled Taurus is a naturally loving sign, and with the new moon forming a steamy connection with Venus in Cancer, it’s easy to invest too much of yourself in your relationships. You can be present with your loved ones while also maintaining healthy boundaries.

DO: Follow The Money

Jupiter is the planet of abundance and good fortune. It enters lavish Taurus a few days before the new moon, so this is an excellent time to focus on your financial goals. Experiment with your profitable skills or look into a new side hustle to fill your pockets.

DON’T: Resist Change

The Taurus new moon prompts us to retreat to our comfort zones, but as it collides with the change-maker Uranus, there is an urgency for growth. Allow yourself to grow out of people and situations that no longer serve you to make room for new beginnings.

DO: Appreciate The Little Things

Taurus is all about material pleasures, from smelling the roses to indulging in your favorite snack. We are reminded to enjoy pleasure because the new moon sextiles Venus, the planet of love and beauty. Anyone up for breakfast for dinner?

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