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Empaths Dream Differently Than The Rest Of The People And This Is Why

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by Conscious Reminder

Empaths see the world differently from others. They are acutely sensitive to the emotions of the people around them even if they are strangers.

Most empaths realize their ability in their adolescent years or even later. This is something that you have to be born with otherwise no amount of practice can make you a true empath.

Empaths don’t just understand what a person is going through, they go through those same emotions with them.

So, if someone near them is overcome by anger, they’ll be able to feel it even if the person is hiding it. That anger will become their own.

This sensitivity affects them in different ways. A special connection formed because of it is the one between empaths and dreams.

Empaths and dreams

While most people wake up having already forgotten the intricacies of their dreams, empaths can remember everything as if it actually happened.

Their dreams are often lucid and the memories are so detailed that they are often overpowered by the sheer force of that recollection.

Empaths often see signs and situations in their dreams that help them understand real life scenarios.

Some dreams are very obviously nightmares. The most frequent nightmares are usually of being pursued, falling from a high place, failure or sickness.

While most people dream these dreams, empaths can connect them with experiences they have had or will have. They notice more than the average person.

Having someone or something pursue you is quite common but the pursuer will be difficult to identify once you’re awake. But an empath will be troubled by this memory for days on end.

They do dream pleasant dreams as well and these are not as difficult to interpret. Just as they feel everything else more acutely, they feel happiness too more intensely than others.

Simply put, an empath’s ability enables them to have lucid dreams that are extremely vivid.

This has thrown up a lot of questions about the role dreams have to play on the mental as well as the physical planes.

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