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September Astrology Through Dates: Change & Transition

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by Conscious Reminder

September will feel like a month for preparing for the coming events. The month of October will bring huge changes and cosmic shifts.

Throughout September, we will hear this energy whispering. We may feel like changing things in our lives, or we may notice our surrounding environment shifting.

1st September: Your Month Number And Personal Year Align

Every year we receive our very own year number from numerology. This number can point out the lessons and themes we will encounter during the year. Similarly, we receive our own month number as well every month.

In September, the two numbers are the same. As a result, our numerology gifts and lessons have a bonus influence. This month, we can hone the offering of this number’s energy.

6th September: New Moon In Virgo

The New Moon in Virgo has all sorts of energies. On the one hand, our productivity and adventurous energies may be stirred. On the other hand, we might also retreat deeper and work with ancestral wounds.

Nessus, the asteroid called the ancestral healer, will be active during the New Moon. As a result, we might become more aware of generational patterns that we encountered when we were children that are no longer necessary. Use the New Moon’s energy to transform such past things into something that can serve you better in the coming days.

7th September: Mercury In Its Shadow Period

The shadow period is when Mercury slows down as it gets ready to retrograde in the latter part of September. During this time, the recommendation is for us to reduce our pace as well. Take the time to think over the projects that we want to complete instead of starting anything new. We might find June 2021 themes re-entering our lives – mishaps that happened then might be resolved now as well.

9th September: Numerology Of 99

9th September will unlock the 99 numerology code. The number stands for graduations, endings, and completions. 99 might also have a link with energy for leading too. 99’s vibration enables us to take our lives’ helm using our gained wisdom.

10th September: Venus In Scorpio

Venus will be exiting Libra, the air sign, and entering Scorpio, a water sign, on this day. This will establish a better connection with our sensual side. The placement is also very sensitive, so we might feel extra intuitive.

11th September: Numerology Of 911

911 is also known as the lightworker’s calling. If you regularly see the code, then you might be being called upon to use your lightworking gifts. On the day, all of us can connect to the energy by acknowledging the unique gifts of healing we bring.

14th September: Mars In Libra

This will be a significant milestone event since Mars and the Sun will also be aligned at this time. The alignment will happen on 7th October, but the build-up energy will be felt from now. It will be important to balance fearlessly forging ahead and burning out.

20th September: Full Moon In Pisces

This Full Moon is typically a sensitive lunation. So we might feel very expressive or maybe a little moody. Neptune being active may create confusion by clouding our judgment. Mercury preparing to retrograde may amplify the fogginess. But, at the same time, this is when you fully trust your intuition.

22nd/23rd September: Libra Season + Equinox

The energy flow will turn on this special day. This will be the time for connecting to Mother Nature’s healing energies, and for welcoming Fall. Also, the Sun will enter Libra as a result our focus will be drawn to balancing our receiving and giving energies. It will be the time to share the resources we built during Virgo Season.

26th September: Mercury Retrograding In Libra

The messenger planet’s retrograde means past overlooked messages being unearthed. We might not receive them until the retrograde is complete, though. Sometimes, it can also cause miscommunications or delays.

September might feel like a rubber band pulling itself back as it gets ready to spring forward. 

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