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Six Signs You Are Mistaking Your Fear For Your Intuition

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by Conscious Reminder

Yes, there is a thing called your gut feeling. It is also called your intuition. And if you pay attention, you must have noticed that it is more or less, always right.

Your body and mind take in details that even your conscious mind has not registered yet, and so, they know things that you might be completely unaware of.

You might sometimes be aware of it, but your conscious mind refuses to acknowledge it. And so, you cower your way through life without taking the help of your intuition.

Sometimes we might make the mistake of thinking that our fear is our intuition because both of them are our inner feelings. Here are six points that you can focus on to learn the difference!

1. Are You Stuck In The Past?

If you notice that you make all your decisions based on your past experience, then you are stuck in the past. Remember that you can’t change what has happened. What you can change is how you react. Constantly worrying about the past can steal your today. Life is for the living, be fierce. Live in the moment by listening to your gut!

2. Negativity Reigns In Your Mind

Confusion, self-doubt, and insecurity are all elements of fear. Intuition does not bring you down. Intuition is like a warning signal in your head that is there to protect you. Your only savior is you. Remember all the people in your life who care for you. Know that they believe in you. A little bit of positive appreciation never hurt anyone. If you keep focusing on the negativity, your intuition will get cloudy. Use your intuition as a protective shield from fear, not the other way around.

3. You Are Constantly Running

When you run from your authentic self, your intuition gets further away from you. Stop. Breathe. Listen to yourself. The outside world can get chaotic, so dive into your inner world to find peace. When things get hectic, it can become difficult to listen to the subtleties of your intuition. If you feel like this is where you are at in your life, then take a break immediately to strengthen your intuition. Be an ally to yourself.

4. Worry Keeps You Awake At Night

If you find yourself lying awake late in your bed worrying about something, that’s most likely your fear. Your intuitive abilities hit you in the gut. It is sure of itself, and when you feel your intuition, you will be sure of yourself. So, don’t waste time pulling your hair and scratching your fingertips, worry will do you no good.

5. Do You Notice A Pattern In Your Behaviour?

Sometimes it is easier to take the same route even if you know that it’s not the one you are supposed to be on. Fear atrophies you so that you feel comfortable in it. Once you get comfortable, you repeat your behavior even without realizing it. Taking a chance on your intuition can seem scary, but it is ultimately beneficial for you. It is time to break the loop of self-doubt and come out victorious.

6. You Are Scared Of Sitting Still

When you don’t face your intuition, sitting still might get uncomfortable. While intuition does not instill fear in you, it is all the way honest. If you find yourself being uncomfortable with sitting still, it means that you have let fear win over your intuition. Remember that your authentic self will never command fear in you.

Meditate, calm your mind, and get in sync with your inner being. Intuition is the light that will guide you home.

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