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The September Super New Moon Will Give These 3 Zodiac Signs A Productivity Boost

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by Conscious Reminder

The New Moon in Virgo will grace the skies on 17th September. With both the Sun and the Moon aligning in Virgo, it is time to take our goals more seriously and look into the finer details.

The Virgo New Moon will ask us to get organized. Time to declutter and sort your priorities. It will help you gain clarity for your bigger goals and help you make tangible plans. Saturn will be forming a trine with the Moon as well, which will drive our productivity.

This is the time to become more disciplined and stick to our intentions. Saturn’s influence on the Virgo Moon will send us pragmatic energies so that we can become more conscious of our boundaries, stick to realistic goals, and put in all the hard work.

Let’s see which 3 zodiacs will be making the most of this lunation:


The Virgo New Moon is bringing you great opportunities to get serious about what brings you happiness. If you have been thinking about turning a fun hobby into something more, this is the time to start working on it.

Take your passion project and fine-tune the details. If you can find a way to include your passion in your work your productivity, as well as happiness, will be through the roof!


The New Moon in your sign is your annual lunar moment that will kickstart a new beginning with great opportunities for growth. The attention will be on the self, although you’re not quite used to that.

The New Moon night is the best time for you to plan some self-esteem boosting seeds. Find projects to work on that serve your brand. The Universe is aligning to help you gain clarity about the finer details. Make solid plans and start taking your first steps.


The Virgo New Moon will be the most helpful for Capricorns since it will come to broaden your horizons. Be inspired and take calculated risks.

Risks taken under this luminary have the potential to return fulfilling rewards! Get out of your cocoon and explore new ideas and experiences. Let your intuition guide you into the newer territories and let your determination be your rock.

Are you ready for an exciting and productive Virgo New Moon?

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