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July’s New Moon in Cancer Most & Least Affected Zodiac Signs

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The first new moon of summer reaches its peak on July 5-6 as the Sun aligns with the Moon – AKA Cancer’s ruling planet, and this tender-hearted lunation has the power to put everyone in their feels in the best way.

The new moon in July will have varying effects on each zodiac sign. Some will experience smooth sailing, while others may face more intense situations.

Cancer’s energy is deeply rooted in emotion and introspection, reflecting its water sign nature. With the presence of the new moon, individuals may experience heightened sensitivity and a greater sense of vulnerability to their emotions. Cancer’s sentimental nature can evoke a wistful nostalgia, enveloping everyone in bittersweet memories.

However, when the moon is in Cancer, it is in its zodiacal home, creating a perfect opportunity to embrace your emotions and immerse yourself in the depths of your feelings. This lunation is devoid of any complex entanglements, allowing you to navigate through these emotional waters with ease. Interestingly, the new moon will create a harmonious sextile aspect between the assertive Mars and the disciplined Saturn, two powerful planets in astrology. This powerful celestial energy has the potential to guide every zodiac sign towards embracing this fresh lunar start and embracing their kinder and more empathetic qualities.

This powerful lunation, with the celestial support of Mars and Saturn, will provide individuals with the drive and unwavering determination necessary to make significant progress towards their ambitious aspirations. However, the new moon in July will provide an extra boost of energy for the two zodiac signs most influenced by it.

Certain individuals may find this lunation to have a stronger impact, while others may feel it less intensely. If you happen to be one of the zodiac signs that is least affected, take this opportunity to fully embrace and appreciate the soothing and nurturing energy of this lunar event.

Zodiac Signs Most Affected by July’s New Moon in Cancer

Cancer (June 21 – July 22)

The annual new moon in your sign, Cancer, presents a significant opportunity for manifestation and sowing the seeds of your desires, allowing them to flourish over the next six months. Embrace your ability to delve into profound emotions and trust your instincts wholeheartedly. This is the perfect moment to fully immerse yourself. Engaging in introspection can be a catalyst for exhilarating discoveries and moments of inspiration. It is important to create a secure environment for yourself where you can freely delve into your aspirations, dreams, and desires without being concerned about external judgments. It’s fascinating how your desires become more apparent when you feel at ease enough to step out of your protective shell, like a seasoned astrologer would observe.

During this lunation, the friendly aspects of Mars and Saturn complement the presence of the romantic planet Venus in your sign. This alignment enhances the influence of the sun and moon, creating a harmonious energy. This gives you a beautiful birthday transformation, helps you connect with your values, and lets you put your heart into your new moon goals.

Pisces (February 19 – March 20)

For those with a deep connection to the mystical realm, the upcoming new moon holds enormous potential for nurturing your creative energies and inviting a surge of fresh inspiration into your world. July’s lunar reset appears in the fifth house of your chart, indicating playful and flirtatious energy. This is the perfect time to fully immerse yourself in your passion projects, hobbies, or any other activities that allow you to express yourself. There is a sense of romance in the air, making it effortless to embrace joy at this moment. Trust your instincts and embrace the thrilling opportunities that lie ahead.

You have a clear sense of direction and purpose, guiding you through the vast ocean of life. During this lunation, Planet Saturn in your sign will align with the moon and Mars, providing you with the energy and determination to generate fresh ideas, forge new connections, and lay the groundwork for long-lasting endeavors.

Zodiac Signs Least Affected by July’s New Moon in Cancer

Virgo (August 23 – September 22)

You’ll definitely feel the impact of this new moon, Virgo. In fact, it promises to be a thrilling and enjoyable moment for you! Fortunately, it seems that you won’t be facing any significant challenges during this new moon phase. Currently, there are no planets in your sign to disrupt the cosmic energy, although this will change towards the end of the month. During this lunation, the alignment of the sun and moon in your friendship sector encourages you to foster stronger emotional bonds with the people in your social circle. It’s a time to demonstrate care and compassion, as well as to cultivate a sense of safety and support within your community. When it comes to collaborating with others or setting ambitious goals, trust your intuition and listen to your heart.

With the bold and confident influence of Mars and the practical guidance of Saturn, now is a favorable time to step outside of your comfort zone and explore new opportunities for growth and security. Take a calm and measured approach, observing what comes your way.

Sagittarius (November 22 – December 21)

The new moon in July will appear in your intricate and intricate eighth house, but that doesn’t imply it will be tumultuous! This section of the chart focuses on the deeper, more hidden aspects that you may be navigating in a more subtle and unconscious manner. What’s truly significant is that the moon in Cancer thrives in the realm of emotions. This introspective atmosphere could pave the way for meaningful discussions with loved ones or powerful personal revelations.

During this lunation, it is advisable to create some room for yourself to truly tune into your intuition and contemplate the driving forces behind your current actions. Take note of the subtle connections and unseen forces guiding you towards specific individuals or circumstances. You’ll soon have a chance to either sever ties with what no longer serves you or reinforce what resonates with you.

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