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5 Toxic Behaviors That Push People Away

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Do you want to keep people around you? Try avoiding these 5 toxic behaviors.


1. Don’t take things too personally – what happens in your surroundings is in direct correlation with you. You become toxic to be around When You Believe that you’re the actual reason for every problem in this world. The thing is that what people do to you is more about them then about you.

2. Don’t act a victim – you’re the most powerful being in this universe you just have to realize it. And it’s so easy once you see that you are the one who pulls the strings; You’re the only one who has a right over your life. You are not helpless and one you stop complaining and play the victim it will become clear to you. Take the bull by the horns.

3. Don’t judge other people – don’t judge anybody if you haven’t walked their shoes.
I’m sure that you don’t always show your true colors to others, and other people don’t do it either. So when you’re judging them you’re actually judging the image you’ve created in your head about them.


4. Don’t be cruel – who gave you the right to hurt other people? Is one of the most toxic behaviors and usually stems from some deep emotional pain we feel inside. If someone hurt you don’t make it an excuse to hurt others. We don’t need more cruelty but we definitely need more compassion.

5. Don’t create false images of yourself – hiding true self can be more damaging to you than to anybody else. Pretending to be something you’re not is draining tiring and really difficult to do. Do you really were you able to identify need to hide your true self? What are you ashamed of? Take the mask off show the world the real you. You’re beautiful you are unique you’re one of a kind. No one else can be you so don’t try to be somebody else.


Were you able to relate to any of these behaviors? If the answer is yes don’t worry you’re not alone. Our personalities have so many layers and all we can do is peel them off one by one in order to get to the core of our true being. Only being true to yourself can help you understand the real essence of your existence.

Therefore try to avoid these toxic behaviors if you don’t want to push people away.

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