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My REAL Parents Are In Space

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Are we living side by side with others who are of  

“extraterrestrial” origin?

An excerpt from the forthcoming book – The New Human by Mary Rodwell

There is a race of beings upon the planet, increasing in number, although visually and physically in-distinguish-able to most humans. They are the ‘the bringers of light’, and are here to guide the awakening of terrestrial consciousness. The New Children are born without programs and will bring about a Global Awakening.

– Tracey Taylor artist/experiencer.

Mum, you are my parents as far as bringing me onto this planet, but my REAL parents are in Space.  I pointed to the sky. I come from somewhere out there.  Something of great importance is going to happen on this Earth. Not in your lifetime but in mine. It will affect all units of consciousness, whether they are Mineral, Vegetable, Animal or Man.  It is to do with global consciousness; a vast change of consciousness and that is why I am here at this time, to experience this change.

The ‘Light-beings’ told me that energy was heading our way and the essence of that energy was Light and this light would be of a frequency that would repair our DNA.  They said it would make us more complete and who we really are.  This would enable us to have a different reality by moving frequency.

Mike Oram at 4 years old, author of ‘Does it Rain in Other Dimensions?’

Research is suggesting something of great importance is happening in terms of human evolution. It has been recognized in terms of changes in new generations of children.

I call these children the New Humans and they bring a message of hope for the future.  Many of them share their understanding of an intimate connection to galactic intelligences, we call non-human extraterrestrial beings. They believe they have incarnated from other solar systems, galaxies and higher dimensions and have come to earth with a mission to help humanity evolve into a more aware and enlightened species.  They contend they have come from star origins to bring about these changes.  They say that star visitors are the “ancestors” and created us. They have incarnated to help with our awakening. This help is in the form of new ecologically and spiritually based technologies, and new knowledge to help us transform into a higher consciousness.

Metaphysical communities interpret the differences in these children as an evolving shift in human consciousness, defining them as Crystal Children, Indigo’s, Children of Light, or Rainbow Children as they recognize their heightened awareness and sensitivities. The terms however are dependent on the behaviors observed or how they may exhibit differences. The recognition of such differences has validity but I believe it is not the full picture and these differences cannot be explained through conventional or metaphysical terms alone.

I believe Extraterrestrial Contact is the ‘missing link’ which may explain some of the major changes in our children and why they are so different. Research into these encounters has shown that there is a strong focus on human DNA and indicates these ‘intelligences” have been involved in changes and modification to human DNA throughout our genesis. Non-human intelligences regularly collect genetic material during encounters. The research and witness testimony suggests they have programs for altering human DNA, even at conception. This information offers a relevant and logical explanation as to why there are so many important and dramatic changes of human abilities and behavior in the newest generations of human. The late Dr Roger Leir agreed with this hypothesis and was convinced humanity was being ‘upgraded’ through human DNA and their interactions with extraterrestrial beings.

I have come to the conclusion that not only are there star children amongst us, but the entire human race has been advanced forward at a rate that is unlikely to be due to slow evolutionary forces, but far more likely that this rapid advancement of the human species is due to alien intervention of our bodies and minds.”

– Dr Roger Leir, author of ‘The Aliens and the Scalpel’

Molecular Biologist, Dr William Brown also believes we are changing as a species.“I believe genetic modification is occurring right now in Utero and is actually producing ‘New Humans’. 

However I believe these New Humans can also be labeled as Attention Deficit Disorder (ADHD), Aspergers, some forms of Autism and Dyslexia.  Dr. Ohlson PhD calls them  “ letter people” and believes they are part of this human upgrade and new programs for humanity which as yet is not understood.

The programs such as ADHD, Aspergers and some forms of Autism etc. I do not believe these are broken genes  but instead offering new multidimensional skills  to prevent limited re-programming of a third dimensional reality.

– Dr Ohlson, Ph.D. Molecular Biologist

mary-pinkCROPPEDMary Rodwell is the Author of Awakening: How Extraterrestrial Contact Can Change your life (2002).  She is the Principal of ACERN (Australian Close Encounter Resource Network), a former nurse, midwife, counselor, hypnotherapist, Reiki Master, researcher and International speaker.

Mary’s work is in supporting individuals and their families experiencing encounters with non-human intelligences. Mary’s research indicates we as a species are being assisted to evolve due to these Extraterrestrial interactions and the new generations of children are demonstrating major changes in awareness and how these changes are not always understood due to more conventional interpretation.

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