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The Evil Eye: Meaning of the Curse & Protection Against It

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Negative suggestions eyes.

“Spell” in fact talking about a phenomenon: as soon as we thought about something or concentrate or someone, then we immediately just get in a fine energy-contact with them and we’re not even aware of it. Between us is created an invisible ‘hose’ through which we trafic other people’s information and give ours to. Such contact can be healing, but some of them can be with more serious consequences because of the best incentive we can bring confusion in somebody else’s body penetrating thoughts in his inner ‘management system’. Most do not even know how to possess such abilities, but can check how strong is anyone in that area. For example, if you stare at the nape of a person and that’s make him to turn around, it means that you have a strong energy enough and need to be very careful because the unconscious can obstruct another person’s inner harmony. Especially when people whose protection is impaired: in patients, with tired and very weak life energy. Then we talk about the spell.

Does it really to do with the sea and sight?

Bioenegeticians believe that the human look is particularly dangerous deadly weapon. They say it is a sort of sharp punch that can not just scratch our invisible second ‘skin’, but also pierce and penetrate inside the body and in this way can reprogram people. Such energy effects are not particularly dangerous for a healthy adult. It has an invisible protective barrier like armor, which as a second skin takes away the energy from outside influences – accepts useful and keeps harmful.

But sometimes even adults can not withstand a heavy blow from the outside, ‘guesswork’ or even damage so missed out another’s energy ‘infection’ which we immediately ‘wrong’ on its waves. And our forces are beginning to leak out of the body through the resulting hole rather than to defend themselves against the “invasion”. It turns out that he is not the same thickness at all places. It has a very sensitive zone where it is very easy to make ‘holes’. Longer period as Eastern monks and martial arts masters secretly guarded knowledge of these marvelous points and passed this knowledge from teacher to student. But today science knows a lot about these points. These are the so-called “biologically active points” through which an organism actively exchanging energy with the outside world.

It is reported also that every point is connected with certain internal organs and that through this point can change the energy of that body – using needles, lasers, pressure, heat, and probably view. Particularly sensitive bioactive zones are our eyes.

It has been shown that the iris of the eye associated with all the internal organs. Until this discovery, the 60-ies of the last century. The history of this discovery, which in fact happened in the woods when the Hungarian Ignac boy tried to retrieve a nest of owls. Owl fought bravely in order to defend their offspring. A brief skirmish ended so that the owl broken leg. At that moment, the yellow iris bird’s eye appeared red stripes. The attacker was so shocked that this is remembered for his entire life. The boy was as famous doctor Pekceli. Thanks to the discovery of the projection area on the iris, the diagnosis of disease to the eyes of today is no longer a privilege of traditional medicine. Iridology is often used in modern medicine.

In certain diseases of organs corresponding projection on the iris changes color – the initial stage of the disease becomes brighter as it increases the healing flow of light in the appropriate authority, and in the chronic phase becomes dark. This imposes a very natural conclusion: through the eyes not only can find out about the state of internal organs but it can and act on them. What will this action be dependent on the information that comes through them, and it can be very different.

Is this really about telepathy?

Maybe they are right those who argue that the view can convey emotional state. They assure that the eyes can not only soothe or enrage the person we’re looking at, but kill to?! There is nothing exceptional in this assumption. The people have long believed that look of a man who is dying has within it the colossal energy that can hurt those who watch it. It is this tradition is related to prisoners before execution related eye. It is believed that the eyes of the deceased remain dangerous. And there was another custom: the dead everywhere close their eyes, and sometimes coins are placed on them.

Probably many at least once had the impression that someone was watching them in the head, and when they looked back, their eyes met with staring evil eyes.


Wear jewelry. Stones, crystals and precious metal have reflective energy to avoid bad vibration and influence on the people who wear it. Amulet prepared especially for protection. Must be prepared from stones, crystals, metals. They have healing energy to.

Prayer. Prayer can clean your mind and soul, and give such a strong power to fight against bad thoughts, evil eyes, bad feelings. You can easy wash your face with playing and thinking postive.

Red thread. Wear red thread on you hand like a bracelet.

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[email protected] November 19, 2016 - 10:22 am

Evil eye exists in every human beings intentionally or un intentionally. Therefore we are advised in all the Holy Books to protect ourselves by reading some verses of the Holy Book.

In Islam our Prophet was effected by evil eyes and black magic too. Hence from then it has been prescribed to take protection.


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