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Aries Season 2019 Is Here: Don’t Let The Fiery Energies Scorch You

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by Conscious Reminder

The sun is going to enter Aries, the first Zodiac sign, on 20th -21st March. Many things are simultaneously happening around this time: the Equinox, the beginning of the Astrological Year, and the Super Moon in Libra.

Be prepared to go on a rollercoaster ride this Aries season as it’s overflowing with so many energies. Aries being the first Zodiac sign, stands for the beginning of everything.

We are going to be very active and ready to explore anything that we encounter on this new journey. We will be super excited to display our new set of skills. There will be new attractions and we will be attracted to them like a magnet.

But, we have to remain extremely cautious about the steps we take. Extreme levels of energy can make us impulsive and can take a wrong turn very quickly. Because of the retrograde in Mercury and the Super Moon during the first season of Aries, we should have faith in our intuition.

Listen to your ‘gut’ here, it will lead you in the right direction. Keep a check on extreme energy levels.

Aries signifies the head, so we need to stay away from our ego. We should not let anything get to our head. We need to remain grounded and make sure that we do not go back to those damaging habits we have left behind.

With new energies all around us, we should harness it to our benefit. Change your perception, try out new things, and awaken your mind and body. Past will stay as it is; shape your future in a different way now.

It is completely up to us to construct our future. We cannot control everything, but our reactions and emotions are voluntary. You have to decide what your new life should feel like.

This Aries season is offering us blazing energy of the Sun. How do you want your life to be? What is affecting your soul? Which habits are you leaving behind?

Raise important questions now: Who are you in this life? You have been endowed with life because you have some purpose to fulfil.

Your life is rife with scruples, but do not hold back. Charge ahead, probe yourself and only then will you be able to love yourself more.

You will require energy to propel yourself further in your life. You will gather strength from the amount of love you have hidden within yourself in your heart. You have survived so far, you will survive again. You have achieved so much; this challenge will also go by and you will overcome it. No worries!

Always keep telling yourself that you can do everything that you want to do. Feed it to your brain again and again. It will make you stronger than you ever were. There will be times when you might want to give up but don’t.

Anxiety will pull you down but you have to face your fears and overcome them. In the end, you are going to come out strong, filled with more love and speaking your truth!

The Aries Sun will help you rediscover your strength and guide you through this new phase of your life.

Life is going to take a test every now and then. The road cannot always be smooth. But whenever you emerge victorious from a challenge, celebrate and pat yourself at the back. Remember that you are strong and love yourself more.

Prepare yourself for a new journey as the Sun is entering Aries. All of us will have our quests of finding strength, courage, love and go forward in our lives. 

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