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The Relationship-Sabotaging Behavior You’re Probably Holding On To

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Relationships are hard because they are basically compromises. It is extremely hard to change yourself for someone else and sometimes you might feel that you are the only one who is compromising.

This may make you feel like you don’t want the relationship at all. In fact, there are a lot of things that make people feel that relationships aren’t worth a shot. In short, we sabotage our own relationships through our own behavior and such a behavior must be avoided at all costs.

But you can use these strategies to salvage your relationship and save it from being sabotaged:

1. Love yourself:

I think the biggest problem is that we expect people to love us but we forget to love ourselves. This is extremely bad. We must love ourselves first. Only a person who truly loves himself/herself can love anyone else. So it is important to love yourself fully and completely.

2. Make those little things that make you happy part of your daily routine:

Do things that make you happy. I know, most of the times we try to make our partner happy but sometimes we become so obsessed with the happiness of our partner that we forget to do the things that make us happy. Don’t do this. Indulge in your happiness as well.

3. Remind yourself that your needs are just as important as your partner’s needs:

Yes, this is kinda important. Your needs are equally important as your partner’s. Don’t put your needs down just because you are in a relationship. Express your needs freely because if your partner truly loves you they will try to fulfill your needs as well.

4. Don’t push your family and friends away because you’re stuck in the relationship bubble:

Yes, relationships may end but family and friends are always meant to stay. Remember that. Don’t push your family just because you want a relationship. That isn’t appropriate at all.

5. Look for the positive:

As hard as it may be sometimes but try to look for the positive things in a relationship. Sometimes we just see the negative side of the relationship and make ourselves the victim of the relationship. This isn’t right. Count the good things in the relationship and try to look at the good side all the time.

Try these strategies and strengthen your relationship. Love always wins, remember that. So don’t let the problems win. Conquer the problems and fortify the bond that you share with your partner.

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