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Powerful Numerology Of November 2021: This Is What It Means For You

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by Conscious Reminder

This November’s Numerology will introduce the Archetype of Change.

It will also have significant lessons about letting go preparing for rebirth. The month asks for patience, acceptance, understanding, diplomacy, and cooperation.

Usually, the numerical vibrations of 11, as well as 2, are under the influence of November. November is the Gregorian calendar’s eleventh month. According to the Roman calendar, November would have been the 9th month, from which its name arises: Novem meaning nine.

However, for the Numerology of November, it is the eleventh month. 11 = 1 + 1 = 2. 2 represents Yin – the receptive, feminine energy. It is the number that follows and exists only following 1. It is also its double and complement. As such, 2 consists of 1 (unity) while also not existing without 1.

11 also starts off the 2nd decade. 11 is a higher spiral inside the second cycle of the decade-long cycle. It emanates every quality of 2 plus parapsychic, spiritual perceptions.

It is known as the master number and is the symbol of spiritual evaluation. This is also the reason why repeatedly seeing 11 on clocks is considered to be a sign of the angels.

When numerical vibrations are being talked about, the space in-between our form and thought, the quantum vacuum, the quantum mind are being talked about. The numerology of a number refers to the symbol’s archetypal nature.

Our minds decipher these symbols and understand our manifesting consciousness’ various dimensions. Every number stands for a Universal code. As such, everything has a numerical “order” associated with them.

It is impossible to spend even two hours without thinking, speaking, hearing, or seeing numbers. We cannot humanly manifest or exist without numbers.

The archetype of Number 2 emanates calming, waiting, patience, welcoming, and understanding following 1’s explosive creation.

The Difference Between The Vibrations of 2nd February And 11th November

In the yearly cycle, there is a congruent difference between November and February: February is 1 month after the start while November is 1 month until the end. Both generate a collective expectation regarding what the whole year was/is.

The numerology of February compels us to turn plants into action. The 2nd month benefits the entire year’s decisions, associations, and promises.

The numerology of November has the most influence on preparing for the year-end. This is when we make the balance sheet of all the projects that we had started. This is when we decide on everything that was achieved or done through the course of the year.

Both of their numerologies make us more receptive, reflective than creative or active. The 11th month also comes with a glow that comes with expecting a happy conclusion. Time has not yet run out for turning in those final chapters.

Tuning In With November 2021’s Numerology

The appearance of number 2 on our timelines is an indication. It asks us to be more conscious of the challenges originating from the Universe that is being proposed to make an example of the positive characteristics of the Universe.

2 represents diplomacy, patience, and receptivity. As such, the situations that will take place will be opportunities for training these attributes by putting them into practice.

The important thing is noting that the greatest learning from this vibration is the boundary between submission and acceptance. We can make full use of this wave that is “passive”.

We can do so by reflecting on the relationships that we have established during the year. Additionally, the wave can be used to get ready for the Numerology of December as well as the coming New Year.

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