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Archangel Michael – Guest Speaker – Elemental Grace Alliance Discourses

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Archangel Michael – Guest Speaker – Elemental Grace Alliance Discourses – Protecting The Future
archangel michael

“Greetings Dear Ones, I Am Archangel Michael and I now come forward with Beloved Archaii Faith, My Divine Consort. I have been invited to speak at this Gathering of Esteemed Colleagues Who are all Embodied with the Love and Life of Mother Father God. It is toward the Human Souls who are connecting here that I say to you that you are Addressed with the same Distinction and Honour as Mother Father God, as You too are part of the Unity Consciousness that is in full expression of Your Godliness today. As You all know, I Michael Am the Embodiment of the Blue Ray that indeed Over Lights the Protection of this beautiful Planet Earth. My Work with Beloved Faith covers a wide spectrum of duties, all of which are nothing short of ‘Protecting the Future’ for humanity, the Elementals, Devas and The Angelic Host so They All may achieve Their Ascension Status.

“There is a great deal that I could share with you but it would seem that there is a flow of consciousness that is building within itself, a new awareness for humanity, that through the Power of Faith will take root, grow straight and tall, flower and blossom to radiate the most beautiful and Peaceful fragrance for humanity to be able to truly stop and smell the flowers; to stop and find the Peace and Love of God within themselves. I wish to speak very briefly about the work that is now coming to the forefront of those who will take the baton of these Discourses and from within themselves, feel the Power, Wisdom and the Love that is emanating from them. We speak of the Three Fold Flame, that Light that is held at the very core of each Human Soul.

“It is this Three Fold Flame that every human heart must embrace before they will be able to pass beyond the ‘Rings Passeth Not’ into ascension to the next levels of Love, Wisdom and Power Consciousness. What only a hand full of people upon the Planet realize is that this Three Fold Flame is in itself a very Powerful ‘Atomic Particle Accelerator’. The only one that is the foundation of the human being’s protection against all negative or malevolent psychic attack and the bombardment of humanity’s general consciousness that houses all feelings of depression, doubt, fear and the general effluvia of discord.

“While your Atomic Accelerator vibrates within its lower vibratory states all such entrapments within the old consciousness is virtually impossible to elevate yourself out of. The conditions of the human mental, emotional, physical and ethereal lower bodies are sustained by such human foibles, simply because the spin of the Electrons around the Atom within the Three Fold Flame of Love, Power and Wisdom rotate slower than they would normally do and in that High Spin can easily deflect all such negativity and destructive energies.

“I wish you to Know Dear Ones that the only differences between human beings and Higher Beings of Light, is the vibratory rate of the ‘Atomic Accelerator’ structure of the Three Fold Flame within the Heart Core of Your Presence as the I Am Presence, The God within. The more you are in the Presence, ie, are consciously in the Energy of Higher Consciousness, the more rapid the vibration of your ‘Atomic Accelerator’ and the Greater your Three Fold Flame of Love, Wisdom and Power will expand and grow. Have you ever wondered why you feel so Peaceful, so empowered and so radiant and loving when in the company of the Masters, the Angelic Realms, The Elementals? It is because in these States of Consciousness you automatically advance your vibratory rate of your Three Fold Flame into Higher Octaves and when you leave the room or Presence of such Energies you fall back into the effluvia of human consciousness and the old paradigms that are held there. Newspapers, television, radio, life dramas, gossips, you know what I Am speaking of right?

“I do not wish to labor on this subject of vibration but I will say that the ones who are ready to presently take grander strides ahead must understand the science of the mechanics of the Three Fold Flame in much Greater detail and the Power of Invocation and Decrees that will support this specific science and Laws pertaining to Ascension. Remember the Greater the spin of the Electrons, the Greater the deflection of all human projected archetypal discharge will be rejected and achieved. The Higher the vibratory rate, the closer to the Christed Consciousness one will become.

“This awareness must now become such a milestone in the life of being in Service to Humanity, that it will Over Light everything one does. It can and probably will place those who wish to lead by example, in positions of isolation for a while, away from normal human life and existence; and out of the lime light so to speak. It may feel like that they are being alienated from normal life experiences and desires to do and to have. For the Life of The Human Soul who has come to Earth to be the spear heads of Salvation for humanity cannot afford any longer to continue to be effected by human consciousness that keeps the proverbial foot upon the brake to prevent the acceleration of the Three Fold Flame Light Radiance.

“Indeed there are very small pockets of people, some individuals, on the Planet who have totally disconnected themselves from the human consciousness, or the norm of old human beliefs and programming. When I say this I do not mean those who go to the workshops and meetings of Greater awareness and then return home to get on with their family life and commitments. Although very beneficial and of great importance, these Dear Souls are not the ones I refer to here. I mean those who are so sincerely dedicated to their mission who are aware of the Presence of Who They Are and Why They Have come to Earth. Those who have disconnected or disassociated themselves from the old human matrix and are now connected to the New Cosmic Heart of Mother Father God via the Three Fold Flame of Love, Wisdom and Power; those who have or are about to give their lives for the Greater Good of All Concerned. It is here and now that I send out My Clarion Call to all who wish to fulfil their life’s purpose in a way that perhaps has yet not dawned upon them. Or perhaps it has but they have not known the direction to take or the vision that they need to focus upon until now. This Elemental Grace Alliance is a foundational stone and conceivably even an encodement trigger, that will emanate this call toward a deeper engagement to provide the Purity of God’s Love and Light through Your Service to Humanity, The Elementals and The Angelic Host.

“If your Heart has quickened through reading this, then you must follow your Heart Calling where ever it may lead you. I have to say here I Am not offering this appeal as a general message for all to respond; for indeed it is not for all to follow, just those who feel they are ready to make such a decision within their lives. I Am being very specific here, as Peter will Know through personal experience of such a direct and individualized connection regarding the New Potentials that are now being presented to certain Souls in this hour of need. In 1954, a dedicated group of human Souls came together and several since then, that by their own Higher Conscious Awareness and Intentions allowed Me and My Legions of Angelic Beings to begin the processes of relieving the Earth and its atmospheres, particularly at that time, within the etheric or astral Planes, of extremely negative and malicious entities who were trapped there and who were constantly feeding off human emotional negativity; innocent, unaware and naïve people who were caught up in human destructive conditions.

“It was with the permission of these Dear Human Souls in Absolute Cooperation with the Godhead and God Parents Beloved Helios and Vesta, that many thousands of these malevolent beings or energies were untethered from the atmosphere and surface of Earth and taken to alternative off World locations for rehabilitation. The Initiates and All Those Concerned Knew that these laggards, astral Plane entities, would not allow for much more human evolution and that if allowed to remain would once again diminish human growth and development for many thousands of years to come. And so my Beloved and Faithful Colleagues gathered and relocated those beings.

“Since that time We have monitored and acted in ways to keep a hold upon such malevolent interference, however, only within the parameters of what We are allowed to do in accordance with human intention and Higher Service. There are the Universal Laws to abide by as well as the constraints being the naturally occurring human ‘Rings Passeth Not’. There are presently insufficient humans who totally abide by those Laws and understand the human participation within the boundaries prescribed by God. WE want you to remember Dear Souls that the Evolution of Humanity and this Planet is about human consciousness growing and developing into Human God Beings, Who Become the Creators, the Directors and the Administrators of this Planet. Think on this deeply Beloveds for this is a Journey never travelled by a human race ever before within the history of Creation Itself! Can you begin to imagine the magnitude of such an opportunity, the importance RIGHT NOW for those human beings who understand the Love Substance of Beloved Pelleur, not the gravity of this Moment in Earth Time, but the Love, Wisdom and Power of the Three Fold Flame of Your God Self!

“Peter, Archangel Sandalphon and The Elohim Pelleur have mentioned the arrival of the New Children upon Earth; those Beloved Beings who will not arrive on Earth through the normal birthing processes. These Dear Souls are Christed Beings who will become part of the Greater Communities around the Planet for the quickening of the Christ Consciousness within humanity on mass. I do not wish to elaborate on this at this time, but for Peter’s reference I will share some aspects of this event. As Peter knows these Divine Beings, with the appearances of being aged between 3 and 17 years old will be transported to Earth’s Atmosphere at a time when the surface of Earth is at a specific Radiance and level of vibration. The land regions that have been designated in the past have not risen sufficiently and so We are waiting to see how things pan out in accordance to human engagement in the clearing of such localities for these Dear Ones to live. There are two unyielding points that remain at the forefront of the arrivals. The land surface in which these Beloved Children will walk must be Pristine in every respect, no contamination, no pollution, no negative human thought forms, no imbalances of any Nature. If the slightest imbalance is present, because these Dear Ones have never experienced such things, the shock of the energetic transferences could possibly have some grave effects; and at the very worst, send their emotional, mental and physical bodies into total disarray or even collapse. This scenario is out of the question and We will do everything necessary to prevent this from occurring. Even to the extent of abandoning this potential. This has never been attempted before and so We are still very reluctant to say too much at this time.

“When and if these Dear Souls arrive, they will require both time to adjust to the Octaves of human consciousness and the Earth resonances around them, as well as They will require complete guardianship by selected human God Parents. These God Parents are just that, God Souls Who Know Who These Dear Ones are and can support and guide them in all manners and matters of human conditioning, human life, and who are able to assist in bringing forth Their Gifts and Divine Virtues. But most of all these God Parents, will have to be their Divine Mentors and Their God Protectors at the same time. These New Children will arrive under the auspices of My Blue Ray coming in via Our Temple of Protection and Faith over Lake Banff and Louise and across the Rocky Mountains to Vancouver and other World Destinations.

“That is all I wish to share about this at this time, just enough to spark another new avenue of thought and potentiality of a more expanded awareness. I do not wish to be too descriptive as I begin my closing Address. But suffice is to say Earth and the Evolution of Humanity is a Divine Experiment, and those human Souls Who Are of Higher Consciousness will need no explanation. This potential of having Children of such High Resonance arriving from outside of Earth’s atmosphere and successfully embodying human life on the ground is also a part of the ever expanding Nature of this Divine Plan. However, just as mankind cannot Ascend into the Higher Realms of consciousness without Higher Awareness and doing the personal work within, nor can such a advanced group of Souls come into incarnation through Immaculate Conception, yet not through the human birth canal. The keys that will unlock both doors still remain the levels of consciousness that humanity will attain, and so these potentials are governed by the outcome of this next chapter of the Human Evolutionary Story. Now can you see why We are All looking toward to a radical solution to a situation that remains seemingly quite untenable. It is not, but it will require some drastic and revolutionary ideas and Love In Action by humanity themselves, to change certain aspects of human behaviour, human thought forms of belief and human ideas of what they continue to hold as true and real to themselves. It is all about experience and those who are ready, willing and able to seek new experiences, to embrace new ideas and a more expanded awareness of The Higher Consciousness of God’s Reality. These are the Ones that will change the course of history and reveal such revelations of Truth that words alone could never do! Actions speak louder than words, and you Dear Souls must now move into the Realms of Actions, instead of words alone. It is time for the Miracles of Life to manifest in the lives of the general populace. These miracles will be performed by You!

“You are being asked now to prove to humanity what is Truth and what is a lie. You are here to shine the Light of Your Three Fold Flame and use the Love, Wisdom and Power for the Greatest Good of All Concerned. Take note Dear Souls, think long and deep of the messages herein The Elemental Grace Alliance given. The Earth and its atmosphere requires profound clearing and cleansing by human interaction, via the direct collaboration of the Elemental, Devas and Angelic Host. Turn on your news channels if you do not believe Me! The World needs you now rather than later. From the Hearts of My Beloved Faith and I, We Delight in Knowing that the ‘human sleep’ is over and there are now a Greater number of Masters about to claim their Sovereignty and join Us in Creating the New Erthe. We rejoin My Legions of Light again as Protector of Your Freedom! May the White Fire Light Burn Brightly in Your Three Fold Flame of Love, Wisdom and Power. I Am/We Are in Your Service – Amen”.

If you would like a free 777 page E-Book please write to Peter mailto:[email protected] or you may visit the Elemental Grace Alliance Web Site http://www.elementalgracealliance.com/

Peter-MelchizedekMy name is Peter Melchizedek, born in Australia, presently living in the UK, and I have been working within the metaphyical fields of Knowledge and Understanding for over 40 years now!  I am a Metaphysician and Ontologist (Understanding the Nature of Human Beings) among many other things. I am a High Priest of the Order of Melchizedek and an Ambassador of The Light to the same Order. I have clear communication skills to commune with Higher Realms and Use my Knoweldge and Experienced gathered within my Earth Walk for the Soul Benefit of Service to Humanity, The Elemental, Devas, and Angelic Host Kingdoms.  I charge almost nothing for my Services, nor do I have anything to sell or promote! other than a book or two if someone wishes to have their own Hard copy of the free E-Books.

I have travelled the world giving workshops, seminars and speaking engagements regarding the coming new Energies. I am simply here to help Raise the Consciousness of Humanity for the Purpose of Mass Acsension without any high level public profile.  I am called a Conscious Evolutionary Guide.  I guess my Book The Elelemtnal Grace Alliance – The God Awakening contains all my creditials if anyone seeks to know more about me! I am no different than anyone else, just have a little difference in Knowledge and Experience for the purpose of Guidance and Education!

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