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3 Techniques To Protect Your Aura From Energy-Vampires

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By Conscious Reminder

If you are surrounded by people, physically or virtually, and often feel drained by them, you need to start taking care of your aura.

Your energy is limited, and you have to recharge yourself once in a while. If you experience aura drain regularly, here are some techniques to help you.

Aura Drain: Causes

Issues like poor diet, lack of adequate sleep, alcohol and drug intake, and stress are the major causes of aura drain. If you want to protect your aura, start by changing your surroundings. Go outdoors more often, sleep at the same time every, and find ways to stay motivated.

3 Techniques For A Healthy Aura

1. Don’t Let Your Energy Drain

If you can identify your triggers, you need to remove yourself from there. If you know small talk with a group of friends often drains your energy, limit your interactions. It might be that these people are using your aura to supplement their own aura.

It can be intentional or unintentional, but you need to control your exchanges. Your energy flows inside and around your auric field. Keep your energy circuit closed to ward off such energy-vampires.

How: When interacting with such draining people, you can cross your ankles while bringing your hands together. Make sure your thumbs and fingers are touching each other. This will close your energy circuit and prevent them from sapping your energy.

Those who would previously ‘compliment’ you on how refreshed they felt after talking to you might now comment how you seem different now. This means they can no long leech off you, and you will have much more energy for yourself.

2. Sushumn Breathing

Replenishing energy is possible with controlled breathing methods. Lack of fresh air often weakens our aura and how you breathe adds to this cause. If you breathe through your mouth more often, you need to change this habit.

When you breathe through your nose, the air gets filtered, and pollution is stopped from reaching your organs. Also, as the air travels through the nose, it gets warmer, which results in lower risks of organ inflammation.

Energy is polarized: it has negative and positive, female and male. The Sushumna breathing technique can help you balance your body and energize your aura.

How: Place your dominant hand on your nose. Put the thumb on one side, fingers on the opposite side. Keep your tongue pressed against the roof of your mouth. Use your thumb to close one nostril as you inhale for 4 counts.

Then close the other nostril with your fingers and hold your breath for 16 counts. Release your thumb while keeping the fingers in place, and exhale slowly for 8 counts. If you have been using your right thumb and right nostril, switch positions and repeat.

3. The Cleaning Vortex

This is a great daily ritual to keep your aura happy and energized. This visualization procedure can be done after the Sushumna breathing.

If you keep collecting negative energy from groups of people throughout the day, use this cleansing method.

How: Be seated comfortably and try the Sushumna breathing if you need to relax. Then start visualizing a small whirlwind of crystal white fire 20 feet above your head. Feel how the small end of it enters your head through your crown and descends to the rest of your body.

The fire should be visualized as rotating clockwise. When it touches your aura, you feel it sucking all the negativity away. After burning away all the negativity throughout your body, it will exit via your feet.

These are some simple techniques to protect your aura. You can try them all and see which one benefits you the most. Your energy will be replenished very quickly, and you will be ready to face the world the next day!

Don’t let those energy-vampires get to you so easily!

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