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The Spiritual Significance Behind January 2022 Full Moon In Cancer

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by Conscious Reminder

New years means fresh starts, and along with it another batch of drama in the cosmos. The 2022 January full moon (also called the Wolf Moon) is this year’s first Full Moon.

As such, it will not waste a second to put us into our feelings. It will take place on January 17th, and it will make us confront our deepest fears and feelings. Just like a wolf, it will be related to stepping up and being a nurturer and fierce protector of our lives.

Full Moons happen when the moon and the sun are directly opposite each other in the zodiac. In astrology, these lunations have associations with increased tension and energy.

At times, it can cause emotional blow-outs or build-ups. But, at the same time, full moons are also beneficial for releasing old feelings, gaining clarity, and successfully concluding projects.

During the full moon in January, emotions are going to run high and we will have to search for power within our feelings.

The Full “Wolf” Moon’s Spiritual Meaning

The full moon in January is also called the “Wolf” moon according to the Farmer’s Almanac. Apparently, wolves howled more frequently during winter, which is the season when the January full moon takes place.

For a long time, it is believed that the wolves howl more because they become hungrier since winter means decreased food for them. But today, biologists know that wolves howl to mark their territory. It is a way of letting every other wolf know of their presence and their claim.

Astrologically, this full moon’s themes echo the wolves’ survivalist vibes. It is closely related to empowerment, security, and protection. It is currently Capricorn season, so January’s focus is on material security, authority, and wealth.

When the Full moon takes place, the moon will reside in Cancer.  As such, matters regarding emotional well-being, family lives, and our homes can surface. All in all, we might feel more sensitive and in need of more nurturing.

As such, we might need to search for ways that can be used for self-nurture. The January full moon will confront Pluto that will make our darker side surface and also activate our instincts for survival. Facing our fears is always uncomfortable so it can feel intense, emotionally.

On the other hand, it will be a good chance to represent our inner sides and be more self-compassionate. You will be stronger if you own your vulnerability. This lunation will underline the significance of caring, loving, and accepting ourselves.

Working With The Full “Wolf” Moon’s Energy

Intentions that you set during the previous New Year might be returning to focus more realistically during this lunation.

Full moons can stand for conflict or climax, but also enlightenment. So if you are finding it tough to stick to your resolutions then use what you know of the full moon to correct the course.

It will be a great period for identifying roadblocks that were previously unseen as far as your goals for 2022 goes. As for your 2021 baggage, the time has come to identify it and release them.

Cancer is ruled by the moon, and since the Full Moon is occurring in Cancer, the lunar themes are especially strong. For rituals regarding the Cancerian lunation, embrace the water element through a cleansing bath. You can do that by lighting a few candles while soaking inside the tub. During the soaking, focus on the intentions for the full moon.

Finally, allow all your doubts and fears to drain away just like the bathwater. You can try listing out everything you are going to release and read it out loud while bathing.

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