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Healing Crystals And Rituals For The October Hunter Full Moon

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by Conscious Reminder

What is the thing you are on the hunt for during October? Is it spiritual advancement? Love? Money?

Regardless of what it is, make sure to be successful in your hunt. The Hunter October Full Moon is strong and stunning. Its lunar vibrations will be powering you up. Read on to find out the October Hunter Moon’s meaning and how healing rituals using crystals can benefit you.

The Full Moon Of The Hunter: The Significance

The Full Moon of the Hunter will be peaking on 20th October 2021. Lunar Moons get their names from the seasonal activity of Native American and colonial civilizations.

By October, summer and spring had provided bountifully and fattened the animals. As a result, this month was the most ideal for hunting. It is also the perfect time for getting enough meat reserves to last through the winter.

This Full Moon is also known as the Sanguine Moon, Blood Moon, Grass Moon, Dying Moon, and Travel Moon. Of course, we do not need to hunt and many are vegetarians. But all of us can benefit from the vibrations of this full moon.

This moon has everything to do with catching hold of your dreams between 20th October and 19th November. There is no time for reflecting, planning and gathering. The time for that has passed. Now is the time for hunting, for making your goals a physical reality.

If a venture in business is your target, then it’s time to visit banks, draw up contracts, and begin transactions. If a relationship is a target, then the time for passively waiting for the arrival of your lover is passed.

Start talking and connecting, ask people out for dates, and start getting busy creating a family. For those who are in the hunt for spiritual advancements, move on from philosophical ponderings.

October is not the time for them. Instead, use your crystals, be active in your meditations, healing sessions, and everything else that is needed.

Moon Crystals

The three strongest Moon crystals are Labradorite, Selenite, and Moonstone. They must be used during every lunar event.


The top-most moon crystal is also the staple one in all lunar practices. The luminous and bright qualities of the stone light up the path in front of you. Grasping it means having the power of a million moons.


The beautiful dark stone flashes rainbows similar to celestial stars flecking a midnight sky. This stone is aligned with New Moons, and it helps in finding new starts in the absence of light. Using it will make you feel the guidance of your angels, spirit guides, and other unseen beneficial beings.


The crystal has a glorious sheen of silky white. It has an ideal alignment with Crescent Moons. As such, it protects your aura in the course of your life journey. Using it will make you feel hopeful about the world helping you achieve what you want, even if it is miraculous.

3 Full Moon Crystal Rituals

Regardless of whether this Full Moon will be visible to you, its energy will be penetrating every part of the Earth, making your gemstones vibrate phenomenally. It will be a great time for charging you stones for healing in the garden or windowsill using the Full Moon’s light.

1. Program, Cleanse, And Charge Crystals

It will be best if you gather all the Moon Crystals you have to make cleansing them easier. After that, use the Full Moon’s light to charge them, and program them using your intention. Doing this will supercharge them throughout October.

2. Mandalas For Crystal Healing Under This Full Moon

While you are charging the stones, you can make a mandala out of them. Creating artistry with stones makes them more efficient in absorbing the moon’s healing light.

3. Crystal Layouts For This Full Moon

Not just crystals, you can recharge yourself using moonlight. Lie down, place your crystals on top of your body, and along the chakras. It will supercharge you along with the stones!

With this, we wish you good hunting from our side.

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