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Are ‘Missed Opportunities’ Indeed Missed?

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It was my childhood dream to become an Olympic gymnast, having being awed by Nadia Comaneci in the 1976 games, who scored full marks. Her talent and passions swayed me.

This motivated me to take up regular classes at the nearby YMCA. However after a while I realized that my dreams will never come true as I might have missed my chance. I had joined much later than others and they were far more experienced than I could ever be.

My physical proportions and health were also not satisfactory. I understood that I did not meet certain criterion of becoming a gymnast and I couldn’t do anything about them. The expectations of becoming whoever I wish to be, remained unsatisfied.

After that incident, I have faced several issues regarding my career where I had put in a lot of effort but it didn’t work out. It left me with a sense of futility as to why despite working hard, my dreams weren’t fulfilled.

It made me realize that I should be focusing more on the element of the dream rather than the concrete dream itself. When we target the essence, it gets easier to achieve it.

Always keep in mind that if you are meant to get something, achieve something, it will come to you. If it doesn’t, then you weren’t supposed to get it.

When I thought about it I realized I didn’t want to genuinely become a gymnast. My dreams didn’t involve any of the physical hardships.

I never practiced my moves outside class and never expressed my love for it as I should have, if I were truly passionate.

In reality, I did not have it in me to become a gymnast or an athlete. I have always been a couch potato. I never had the determination to go out and train for hours without any complaints.

I was attracted to the fame that Nadia had, the love that was showered on her. I wanted to have that kind of influence and position.

I wanted to inspire others, to encourage and motivate. Once I understood what I really wanted, it became easier for me to work towards my goals and achieve them.

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