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The Gemini Full Moon Is Here To Shake Up Our Love Lives: What Should Your Zodiac Sign Expect?

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by Conscious Reminder

Cuffing season is here and we are all dreaming about that perfect night-in with our boo. Maybe a romantic movie marathon with hot chocolate? But the last Full Moon of the decade is rising on the 11th/12th of December in the sign of Gemini.

This Moon under the Twins will be bringing some chaotic energy in our lives now. The Moon rises the day following the tri-planet conjunction of Saturn, Pluto, and Venus. These planets will now be testing our bonding and trust in relationships.

If your relationship is already on shaky grounds, it may not survive this Moon. But the ones who can get through this time will be looking forward to taking things to the next level. Either way, Gemini will try to pull us in every which way so focus is important if you want to sort your relationship now.

Here is what the zodiacs can expect from this Gemini Moon and how they can survive the last Full Moon of the decade:


Lately, you have been rather focused and engrossed in your work. But this Moon under the Twins will remind you to bring balance in your life. Pay some attention to your close ones and potential partners. Focus on finding love and balancing your life during this Gemini Full Moon.


The Full Moon will be lighting the path for someone new to enter your life. Someone you will like very much. Let go of your inhibitions and embrace the new opportunities in romance.


With the Moon in your sign, it is surely going to give a positive boost to your love life. Use your gift of gab to express your true feelings and let the Lunar Goddess handle the rest. You want to just cuddle your time away and your SO won’t be objecting much!


The Gemini Full Moon will be making you rather sensual. The committed ones will feel the need to go all out and plan a romantic time off. If you’re single, make sure you spend the same energy to pamper yourself!


Gemini’s social energy will be infectious and you will be more than willing to indulge. This is a great time to go paint the town red with your partner and your friends. Give them a chance to know each other better. And the single Leos should be open to new experiences. You could meet your SO while on one of these journeys.


If you want to maintain a happy relationship, make sure you pay adequate attention to your boo. Work will always be there but a strong relationship also needs efforts. This Gemini Full Moon is a good time to spend some alone time your SO and relish the finer things in life.


There has been a lot of chatter around you recently. But don’t pay any heed to what others say. Focus on the positives and look beyond the flaws. Someone is waiting for you out there. Go ahead with your can-do attitude and the chaos won’t bother you.


The Gemini Full Moon won’t give you what you seek now. Your energy is not very compatible with Gemini’s way of loving. You may find yourself turning rather passive-aggressive but this is the time to speak your mind. Honesty will take you ahead as you establish your boundaries.


While it is great that you have been so devoted to your SO lately, sometimes, it can be overwhelming. You have been rather busy thinking about them but you need to focus your energy elsewhere as well. Love stress is real so don’t get burnt out so soon. Finding balance is your goal during this Full Moon.


You are always cautious with your emotions but commitment issues will be all the more daunting now. Try to overcome your fear of relationships and commitment and think long-term. Should you really say no to a good match just because you don’t want to be vulnerable with that person? Think about it.


You have been cautious with your emotions but the Gemini Full Moon now gives you the much-needed confidence boost. Forget your past and look forward to new beginnings now. Let go of habits and patterns that serve you no good in love and embrace the Moon’s energy.


You have been learning to better balance your professional and personal lives. This Gemini Full Moon will make sure you focus on romance and forget your work-woes for a while. Your relationship needs attention and what better time than Full Moon night!

Make or break, now is the time. Focus on your relationship and SO, and be vocal in your needs. The Gemini Moon will be looking out for you.

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