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Accidents And Coincidences Don’t Exist – Nothing Is Random

by consciousreminder
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by Conscious Reminder

Coincidence – this is the pseudonym of God when he does not want to sign his name.

Universe has the most amazing ways of connecting people. In their search for a suitable place to live, the ideal job and the perfect partner, people go very far…to extremes.

When actually, behind the curtains of the chaos, lies hidden the ‘machinery’ – ‘an organization’ that creates the perfect relationships and situations for us. This is the ‘Cosmic Center for Coincidence Management’.

Random events do not exist. Coincidence – it’s a miraculous event, created by ‘God’, who doesn’t want to manifest. In God’s planes, coincidences don’t play a part. Everything that occurs in your life, is the result of your intentions and thoughts.

When you try to fulfill your heart’s deepest desires, remember that the Universe already knows all your intentions.

He orchestrates the events in your life. God has your address, and every single one of your thoughts is logged into the Great diary.

Do everything in your power, without stress and panic, and leave the Cosmic Center to take care of the details.

When a man does all he can to realize his ambitions, and then relies on the help of reasonable invisible forces, BIG THINGS happen.

Pray, plan, adjust, calculate and do everything you can and know… and then let everything take its own natural course – your ability to let go is as important and powerful as prayer.

Everyone, you meet on the way – is a character from the script of your life. Your only concern is to keep improving the script so that the movie turns out as good as possible. The way you direct your life is completely up to you!

Everything is in your hands!

I wish you get as much magic and as many miracles in your life as possible!

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Shane Blackwell February 10, 2019 - 2:45 pm

Ok then please the trauma of adoption separation.


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