Do Souls Have A Choice In Picking Out Their Parents Before Reincarnation?

by Conscious Reminder

You must be aware of the times when parents described dream meetings with their unborn child.

These can occur at any time in your life and generally leave a lasting imprint on your body, mind, and soul. Many mothers talk about how they received the name of their child in a dream or an intuition guiding them about their personality, gender, and so on.

These hunches cannot be a coincidence. These are the times when your children in their spiritual state choose everything related to their physical experience starting from their parents or the families they will be born into.

Theories on the transmigration of souls have been popular since time immemorial and are not less relevant in contemporary society. After the soul departs the physical skin, it migrates into the space that is the afterlife to complete its spiritual experience. This circle of life is complete when the soul prepares to leave the spiritual realm and reincarnates into another earthly life.

From the Divine knowledge that they gather during their time in the Spiritual Realms of the Universe, the soul now searches for a different experience; one where it can remedy its past mistakes, refine its decisions and gather different lessons during its lifespan. The process of transmigration is intricately linked with such an evolutionary approach.

So, do we really choose our parents? The question might sound weird at first but it is true. Once the soul makes the decision to leave the Spirit Realm to subject itself to another mortal experience, it tries to choose for itself the time, space, and people surrounding its birth. This process is deeply influenced by several factors which we will discuss in the following section.

Soul’s Desire Drives Them Towards Their Prospective Parents

Much of the match-making that the unborn soul works on depends upon its desire for certain goals, lifestyle, or lessons. For instance, if the soul had an experience of being born as a single child, it might choose to be born in a family with an elder or younger sibling.

On the contrary, it might also want to relive that experience and change the lifestyle approach from its previous life. This is what makes the soul get its own character once it is born. Moreover, this is what translates into building the diversity and individuality of every soul inhabiting the Earth.

Connections Made Are Mostly Contingent On A Specific Purpose

You might hear parents talking about how they feel that their unborn child is waiting for them or the right time to be born into this world. Such signs from the other world might come to you at various stages in life, depending upon the soul’s predetermined purpose.

The soul might choose to have a purpose that they want to fulfill during their reincarnated lifespan. This will affect other choices it makes regarding the time of birth, place, family, and so on.

These goals might be personal or contingent on failures or unsuccessful attempts in the previous life. For instance, imagine that you failed to have a positive childhood during your previous life, you might strive to achieve that in the next one.

Parents Have A Role To Play As Well

It might be hard to believe but parents have a strong influence regarding which soul becomes their part through conception. Souls in the Spiritual Realm can pick up energies manifested by people.

Before or during the time of conception, parents, especially mothers have a way of manifesting the characteristics or personality of the child that they wish to conceive. This almost works like a magnet as unborn souls sift through such energies to find the one that they find suitable.

Now that you know souls can choose their family or parents, look for signs of contact made from the other world. 

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