What Is The Spiritual Meaning Of Chills?


The spiritual meaning of chills. You may have experienced sudden chills throughout your body, or maybe even goosebumps?

The chills could be either on your body, or they might go up and down through your spine. It is not like when you experience a shiver but rather like energy flowing through your body, so you might experience tingles or goosebumps.

If the above description sounds familiar to you, then you are experiencing what’s known as spiritual chills.

Spiritual chills are messages and signs from spirit itself; it is a message that there is something important you have to pay attention to, when you do experience spiritual chills please take notice.

So What Is The Spiritual Meaning Of Chills?

If you have recently experienced a spiritual chill and want to know what it means, you have to think back and look at the situation you were in when you experienced this chill.

Most spiritual chills happen when you are in a state of meditation or if you are communicating with a friend about something you love. If you are discussing something with a friend, and you are unsure about something you may experience a spiritual chill from spirit. This could be a warning sign.

However, if you are discussing something you love for example you always wanted to go someplace but never managed to do it, you may get a chill. This sign tells you that you should go for it and follow your dreams.

Some Spiritual Chills Are Warnings

Have you ever walked into a room you are not familiar with and got chills all over your body? You may even get goosebumps. If you experience bad feeling about this place, then this is a warning sign you should pay attention to. If the situation gets too negative, you should leave this place.

Spiritual Chills Can Be a Confirmation

Most often spiritual chills are a confirmation from Spirit. An example of this could be if you are searching for a new place to live. You look everywhere, but nothing feels right, then you walk into a house and feel tingles all over your body in a positive way, this is a sign you have found the right place.

Have you ever experienced chills like this? If you have, listen to the message carefully because there might be something important for you to understand.

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  1. It is simply energy in which a person can harness at will. Your interpretations do not help with understanding this energy. It is as natural as moving your body (arms, legs, etc). Breathing gives it rhythm. Music makes it dance. Like god, it has many names, even though it is nameless.

  2. I have been having chills for several weeks now. My entire body goes cold later on in the day, and I literally shake. As an empath, I put my hands together and move them in a praying form in front of each Chakra. When I get to the Heart Chakra, I still feel freezing, but my body stops shaking.

    In addition, my ears have been ringing as well. I had drank alcohol for a year to cut my vibration and quiet the noise to focus on my career. It did well, but I wanted my powers back. I have been sober for some time, and while I have not yet received back the ability to scrye, or medium, I have some ability of knowing, high energy of the heart, my healing abilities are coming back, and I draw people in with abundance.

    I have not noticed anything numerically in numerology of late, but I keep thinking of my flame again. As an empath and healer who desires knowledge, I was curious of your thoughts on this?

    Much grace, love, and light for you to supply such a pace to keep us all together.

    Love & Light



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