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Angels Send These 5 Signs As A Warning. Learn To Recognize Them

by consciousreminder
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by Conscious Reminder

When we consciously decide to cooperate with our angels, they are going to give us some signs, such as numbers or feathers, in order to let us know that we are going on the right way and guide us. Such signs are often repetitive, non-ordinary, meaningful on a personal level or unpredicted.

So, they will also present us with some signs in order to warn us of a danger that is coming to us, or when we have to pay more attention to the things happening around us.

These are the five signs which angels will utilize in order to establish a communication with us:

1. We hear disembodied and strange voices.

A lot of people say that they would like to hear a robust and loud voice coming from their angel who tells them what way to go, what to do or not do. Often, a loud and disembodied strange sound will be a warning signal from our angel that a certain thing is just going to occur, so the angel wants us to be conscious of that. Often, it is some warning of a thing which we would like to avoid.

These voices often carry the message of love.

2. Premonitions or dreams.

Dreams are the best and easiest way for angels to establish communication with us. Dreaming something before it happens can usually be disconcerting. Premonitions can be the reason for anxiety, because of our feeling inside us, which says that we are probably in danger.

A lot of survivors of an automobile of the plane crash reported having some nightmares several weeks before the accident.

What we are supposed to do in such situations is pay more attention to them, as it is a warning and early sign which comes from our angels and God. 

Premonitions, as well as dreams actually have the purpose to help us collect our feelings and thoughts, and after that decide what we should do.

3. An uncomfortable and awkward feeling in the stomach.

The pit of our stomach is actually the area of our body in which the solar plexus also is. This place of energy is mostly connected to the mental world, and it is usually the place warning signs come from. It is an especially sensitive area, so our angels are going to send us some sensation to it, in order to let us know something is wrong. Actually, this may feel like tightening, butterflies, nausea or discomfort. We are not supposed to ignore such feelings. Instead, we should pay better attention to everything that happens right after they occur.  We should ask our angels to aid us in understanding those feelings so that we can behave in the right way and stay secure.

These warnings are actually here to help us and not to make us feel afraid of them, so we are not supposed to feel not secure, as our angels are here with us.

4. Mechanical failure or strange delay.

Some not expected mechanical failure is actually the most frequent warning signal which our angels utilize in order to get our attention. Right after we escape the harm, this mechanical problem is going to disappear awkwardly.

Our angels also utilize delay strategies in order to slow us down, as well as get our attention.

We should not let ourselves be in some bad delay or situation and let that ruin our entire day. We should use the signals from our angels in order to feel relaxed, and search for some more profound meaning. We should consider them as chances for taking some time in order to make the things much better, as we cannot change them.

5. Felling ill suddenly, or receiving a warning from other people.

Angels usually utilize others in order to warn us of possible danger, and no matter if they are our family or friends, or even strangers, such messages will make us stop and hear them.

A person will discourage us from walking on a certain path or will present us with some misgivings about the new girlfriend or boyfriend we have. We should consider this a sign for looking more profoundly. We will not have to stop talking or seeing that individual, but we will be sure that we should make a pause, as there will be a good reason.

When we get warnings signs from our angels, we should not freak out. We should stop and listen carefully, as it is a real gift from them. Warning signals appear to alert us and keep us going to the best, and the most secure direction for us.

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Bianca December 3, 2018 - 3:57 pm

Very interesting. I have heard the disembodied voices various times. But more commonly, I experience trouble with my technology which delays me just long enough to have avoided a vehicle accident or something else. Thanks for the info.


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