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S*x And The Sentient: How Making Love Incorporates The Spiritual With The Physical

by consciousreminder
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by Conscious Reminder

People always react strongly when anything even remotely sexual is mentioned. This is because sexual energy is very powerful and can rejuvenate a person’s energy levels.

Sexual energy can make you feel perfectly blissful, or it can cause you heartache and pain. People tend to believe that s*x stunts spiritual growth because of its primal nature because of the latter.

They forget that one must be wise enough to understand love in order to be in tune with their own spirituality.

The Qigong school believes that s*x is one of the necessary ingredients for happiness. Disregard inaccurate social norms. Embrace your sexuality and link it to your spirituality.

To find this connection, first understand that men and women differ in this matter. Male sexuality flares up only for an instant while female sexuality takes longer to awake but the arousal lasts longer.

Women also view s*x in a much more sentimental light than men. These issues cause much discontent when individuals come into sexual contact.

Fortunately, we can work past these differences and together, achieve spiritual growth. Let us first take a look at the sexual energy of men.

The first surge of energy for them is to their genitalia before spreading to the rest of the body. In order to make them last longer, it is imperative that this energy flows upward to the heart level energy source.

Women instinctively know that s*x is loving and intimate. Their energy flows from the genitalia upward and stimulating the nipples can help increase the flow.

In both, the energy must activate the lower dantian set just below the naval. This is where the body stores its primal sexual energy.

Concentrate on making this energy flow from the head to the heart to create a blissful, sacred infusion. When it flows through the central meridian of your body, you will achieve true cosmic ecstasy.

Focus on spiritual practice and soon you will attain the ultimate sexual integration. It will be a passionate and meaningful experience that will strengthen your relationship. You will attain ultimate happiness.

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