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The End Of The World As We Know It?

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Although I have dislike of watching strong violence on the TV, I do have a penchant for zombie and end of world catastrophe movies. One of my favorites being ‘World War Z’. It only recently dawned on me that these zombie films are almost like a metaphor for the world we live in today.

In a typical zombie film, a plague or virus wipes out the human host. It may look like the body is alive, but it is just going through the motions, whilst under the control of a parasitical hive-minded predator. The zombie is unable to show empathy, think for itself or express any emotion, other than rage, and all it seemingly can do is attack those not akin to it. Hmmm, sound familiar?

We are surrounded by what seems like many non-thinking sleepwalkers who are just going through the motions of life but aren’t really taking part in it. They follow the protocol of: consume, reproduce, sleep and obey (If you’ve ever seen the film ‘They Live’ you’ll know where I’m coming from) and don’t seem able to see, never mind question, the wrongdoings currently happening in the world.

Our reality has shifted, and the world is becoming more divided. We are seeing evidence of this everywhere we look. The polarities are so tangible now and it truly seems like there is a war between light and dark being played out. We are in the midst of some challenging, earth shifting times, that are affecting everyone in some way or other. The Empaths are feeling these changes in a pungently unpleasant way.

People are being played off against one another. With their minds distracted and preoccupied, it has kept them from waking up to the truth of themselves and the world. This is causing friction and frustration. There are a lot of unhappy folks out there, looking for ways to express their pain. They don’t know why they are feeling the way they are, they just want somewhere to offload their aggravations, and guess who frequently gets in the firing line…? yes, the Empaths and Sensitive.

What is Happening?

Reality has changed. We no longer live in the same world we did. This is even obvious to those who aren’t Sensitive. Everything is now heightened; people’s emotions and anger levels in particular and, as our connections to others have become stronger, we are feeling it so much more potently. We are all energy and have always been connected to one another, but now these bonds are amplified. It is not just the Empaths who are experiencing these changes, everyone is affected. And it is activating all kinds of resentments, anguish and confusion in the populace. It seems like a full-on emotional war is being played out… but it only seems that way.

What we are actually undergoing are the birthing pains of positive change and a new world. But the way this energy is being interpreted is making people lash out and attack. This new changing energy is responsible for activating many of the dramas you will be witnessing around you.

I first noticed this, what I call, ‘attack energy’ early last year within the inexplicable behaviors of certain others, and by the fact I kept finding myself getting triggered by what felt like unpleasant energy.

At first, I thought it was just a random spate of darkness (which as Empaths we are used to) but it wasn’t. The best way I could describe it was as a negative-energy virus, spreading from person to person. I watched as people fostered this energy into their lives and created dramas out of it. The ‘attack energy’ continued to escalate, peaking between March and August this year.

The attack energies seem to come and go in waves, and trigger us at different times (just like flu, that passes on from one person to the next). It triggers us in many unusual and varied ways, often playing on our insecurities, long-forgotten hurts and moods. This energy also makes us very inwardly focused. When I say that I don’t mean in a conceited way, more in the way that we cannot get out of our heads and get stuck in repetitive thoughts, and we stay fixated on our inner-pain or how difficult life is for us. It has also created a sense of being unmotivated, lethargic, forgetful, uninspired, fed up and flat. Many want to move forward, and feel like they should be doing something to make it happen, but have no inclination or motivation to do so.

As an Empath, you will be feeling this powerful shifting energy in ways unique to you; whether you are in balance or not. Some have built this attack energy into their life story and linked it to past or present sufferings. Others may be projecting it as blame. But at some point, you will most definitely find yourself affected by it. Being cruelly or unfairly treated or just feeling attacked, if even indirectly, is also a common theme amongst Empaths.

Powerful Energetic Connections

Because our energetic connections to others have become so much more powerful, more so than ever before, you will be feeling an increase in pain, physically and emotionally, and you don’t need to be connected or in close proximity of another to sense this.

I only realized myself the strength of our connections a matter of weeks ago when I was meeting some friends to go walking. On the morning in question, as I was showering and getting ready to go out, I started to feel an overwhelming sense of anxiety. To give you an idea of what it felt like, it was similar to when you’ve had too much caffeine whilst being under a great deal of stress. But I no longer drink caffeine and I wasn’t stressed, so I knew it couldn’t be that. Its cause had me flummoxed. Whilst I was questioning why I was feeling this anxiety, it popped into my head that it didn’t belong to me, but was in fact one of my friend’s. But I quickly dismissed that notion because it was so real to me.

When I met with my friends, I immediately forgot the anxiety I had experienced earlier. However, a couple of hours into the walk, a friend turned to me and explained how he had been feeling a great deal of anxiety that morning before meeting us. He had recently lost his job and was struggling financially. He was so worried about ‘being judged’ and our reactions to his news, that it triggered an attack. I then understood why I had been experiencing the anxiety. It was his. But the strange thing was I hadn’t been thinking about him directly that morning, nor were his thoughts directed at me. Although I have felt other people’s physical discomfort when in close proximity, I don’t think I have been subjected to a connection that intensely from a distance, especially when I wasn’t tuned into a specific person.

The point I am trying to make is that our connections to others have become incredibly heightened. Stronger than ever before. And because so many people are in some kind of turmoil, you too may be experiencing this as strange bodily sensations, hurt, anxiety or being under attack, even when you are not actually in any firing line.

As Empaths, we are currently picking up emotional and physical pain from countless sources, and we don’t need to be stood near someone or have a direct connection with them to experience it. We can even pick up a stranger’s hurt on the back-end of a conversation. There are hundreds of other ways you may unknowingly link-up with this ‘attack energy’.

You may also have been on the receiving end of many personal attacks. And it will have felt cruel and unfair. Unfortunately, they are unavoidable. We all take a battering at some point and you may well hit out or retaliate towards your attacker. Which isn’t always the best option. Just tends to feed their blind fury. In these cases, we have to remember to step away and not take anything personally. It is their pain, insecurity and hidden issues rising to the surface, which they are refusing to face.

Hidden pain generally makes people lash out and behave cruelly and inconsiderately. Empaths often end up on the receiving end of other people’s malice. But lately, it has been become ridiculous and if you haven’t been attacked directly, you will feel the pain of those who have. And because you also pick up on the pain that drives these malicious attacks, it has double the impact.

Not wanting to sound all doom and gloom, on the other side of this, I have also felt many encouraging repercussions of the current energy connections, especially through positive energetic feedback. Here’s an example of how this feedback can be experienced: When we’ve done something to help another or make someone feel good about themselves, even just uplifted, the positive vibes we receive in return are incredible. These feel-good sensations of gratitude are massively amplified and can be felt all day long, sometimes making you slightly hyper.

The Untruths

Another issue Empaths are struggling with at this time are the untruths. We know we are meant to live in our truth, but this is presently becoming much harder to do. Everywhere we look people are blindly inhabiting a world of deceit as if it is the normal, acceptable thing to do. Liars seem to get rewarded and believed, whereas those who speak the truth get attacked. And because of this, it becomes difficult to be our authentic selves. If we express to others who we are, what we feel, see and intuit, we may get verbally criticized (often behind our backs), or we can sense the apprehension or disbelief in another. But if we stay quiet about who we are we feel we are being dishonest and living a lie. This is currently causing deep inner anguish and frustration and because this is an issue affecting many, I intend to address it in a post on its own.

The Good News

While I know lots of you are grappling in various ways with this shift, that seems to have just been building and getting worse with no end in sight, there is a silver lining. The good news is that although it may seem things are deteriorating, they are really changing for the better.At the end of September there was a significant shift, but it was a shift in a more positive direction. You probably felt this change but may not have realized what it was. Since early October, I noticed the ‘attack energy’ has significantly reduced (though some will still be feeling it strongly) and there has been a definite influx of positive energy. It feels to me as if once you have taken what you need from the ‘attack energy’ the negative effects significantly reduce. You realize you have got a choice and don’t need to get wrapped up in anyone else’s drama, nor do you need to experience the pain. You can choose to step away from it the moment you sense it arising in another. But, that said, changes are unfolding rapidly, and because of this it may be causing you confusion (that’s why many are struggling with a muggy head, forgetfulness and unclear thinking) and uncertainty.

Where we are heading as a species, I don’t think anyone can say for sure but I feel and choose to believe we are heading somewhere special. But we still have to continue to put the work in if we want to see positive change within ourselves and others. As Empaths, we are each unique and diverse and we go through personal, emotional and physical upheavals at separate times. When we are each individually ready.

I write about the many ways we can look after ourselves, in my books and on this blog, because we need a selection of tools to keep us balanced, protected and grounded during these challenging times. You will likely have found what used to work to protect, ground, stabilize or even manifest, no longer does; or you may find you no longer tolerate or have any inclination for it. We must continue to evolve, adapt and grow, and that means swapping and changing our chosen healing/protective techniques when and as required. Cleaning up the mind, body and spirit takes effort. But it is what is needed if we want to find balance, happiness and move forwards in life. It is only our resistance that makes the work challenging.

If you are stressed or struggling, know that it won’t last forever (even though it probably feels like it already has). If you have been working on yourself and haven’t yet started seeing positive change, know you soon will. And once through the other side of it, you come to understand exactly why you experienced all that you have. And remember: birth can be a painful process…

Hope this helps you on your journey.

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