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The Leo Black New Moon & Your Romantic Relationships: What’s Around The Corner For Your Zodiac

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by Conscious Reminder

The New Moon in Leo 2019 would be the second one of the month, so it is natural that it would be pretty wild.

Everything pertaining to one’s romantic relationship would change, maybe for the better, or worse. But at the end of it all comes your patience and resilience. How adept are you at seeing things through and not throwing them away at the drop of a hat?

The second New Moon is also known as the Black Moon. While Mercury would finally be shifting into a direct stance, the very effect of the Black Moon would probably lead to very interesting developments in the sphere of money and love. Although the squaring with Uranus might bring in a twist in the tale.

Read on to find how the zodiacs would work in your favor, working with the New Moon:


Your life and your relationship would be working on the same train of thought- one moment ecstatic, the other anxious. So, don’t get into fights where you might end up losing the love of your life. Don’t get impulsive, and count to ten before replying.


Your love wouldn’t be for a human, but for your home. Get inspiration from magazines and online sites to see what you really want for your home. Then recreate it into the version of what you love.


The New Moon is going to grant your voice to speak out your issues with your partner and solve out any misunderstandings that you might have had with them in the past.


Even though you prioritize love over everything else, this New Moon might take you to a position where you would prefer your career. In fact, you would find your luck shining bright.


‘New love, who dis?’ This is a time for a complete upgrade of who you are. Either you would fall into a new one, or simply end an old one. Either way, you would be starting something new.


Don’t hold a grudge- life is too serious anyway. Forgive and forget and move on. This is the time for new beginnings, and you shouldn’t jeopardize that based on an old grudge.


Who knew that a friendly vacation would lead you to meet your wife? We didn’t either. But keep your eyes open. A getaway from the city life might turn into a romantic getaway.


Why be shy if you like someone? Keeping your true feelings a secret is the face of a coward. If you like someone, say that to their face. There is no time to hide one’s true feelings.


Live in the moment. That’s what everyone would suggest. Don’t give up on life just yet. There is still a lot to live and love for.


The New Moon would ensure that all the cogs in your love life are working smoothly, and there is no hesitation or confusion anywhere. This will be to your benefit, for you might come across someone who could have been extremely shallow but you thought them to be full of insight.


Your struggle with your love life would finally find some respite. Don’t let it go to waste – enjoy some tea with your beloved.


You need to work on being the best you can be. And that means making some changes- getting a hobby maybe? Anyway, spend your time wisely. For it might introduce you to the person deserving of your time.

At the end of the day, it is your life. Try making it worthwhile.

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