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Self-Love Isn’t Always A Walk In The Park, But It’s Absolutely Necessary

by consciousreminder
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by Conscious Reminder

If you really want to live a happy life, you need to love yourself. You have to recognize who you are and then, actively try to apply yourself towards your dreams.

You need the clarity in your mind about yourself and what you desire to have. In the end, everything is about YOU. You will be the hero of your tale.

So, to love yourself and be with your own dreams and ambitions, you need to integrate these exercises in your life:

1. Let go

Stop clinging to things that you have outgrown. It could be anything – the dress you wore in your high-school prom or the first date shirt – get rid of them.

Clean up your closet. Now, that your past materials are out of your life, start looking for immaterial things that serve you no purpose. Is a habit harming you? Is a friend too toxic for you? Start getting rid of them too.

2. Listen to yourself

This is a difficult thing to do. When you talk about others, concentrate on the tone you are using. Are you happy and supportive of them or jealous and angry? Your tone is reflective of how you actually feel about your own life.

You have to shift your perspective or rather, your life’s direction in a way so that the hateful tone becomes a positive one. Start spending time with yourself and also, find out who you really want to become like. Start making changes in your life to become a new person.

3. Discussions with friends

It’s time to look at your friends and examine their behavior too. When your friend talks about someone else’s success, do they mock them? Do they make fun of other people on unfunny topics? Or are they supportive and mostly commend everyone – even the people who are struggling to succeed?

If your friends have toxicity in their talks or discussions, maybe it’s time to let go of them. It might seem merciless but you will know it’s the right choice. They are just stopping your growth.

4. Find positivity in people

It can be extremely difficult. After a break-up, it is natural to be filled with hate about someone else. This hatred might last for a long time. Eventually, you will be looking for another relationship and have a list of what characteristics you want from your prospective partner.

But before that, try to find the positive stuff in the past relationships. There must have been something that made you stay in that relationship. Acknowledge it – you will understand what you might have learned from it.

5. Acknowledge the areas you want to improve

Recognize the areas you want to improve on and don’t guilt yourself into feeling bad about it. If you want more money, that’s completely ok. Don’t let anyone tell you that you are being greedy or materialistic.

If you want a good relationship or want to be left alone – that’s your choice. Work on it – and don’t let others dictate over you. The one thing you must not work on is making yourself feel less worthy and not loving yourself.

Remember, you are awesome. Believe in yourself and live your awesome life.

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