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Sexual Soul Mates: Signs You Have Met Your Romantic Soul Mate

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Ever believed there is this one special person just destined to be with you?

Well, yes, each and everyone of us in our last lifetime ought to meet that special person. A point comes when you have had various life experiences, learnt life lessons, met and dated several people and all this was preparing you to meet that special person.

Meeting them might be the greatest feeling ever and with no doubt, you’ll feel whole and complete with a deep sensation of love, affection, trust, comfort and belonging. With them you will have an unexplained emotional, spiritual, physical and intense mental connection.


You will definitely meet various people in your lifetime. Some of which you will have romantic and sexual relations with, but how do you differentiate the kissing frogs from your destined prince or princess? Below are some special signs that can enable you figure out the right one destined for you.

1) You’ll just have the feeling

Meeting your soulmate is no common feeling and once you meet him or her, your guts, intuition and heart will simply experience the deep connection. As its said, ‘the heart wants what it wants’, and when it does it never hides away the feelings.

2) Have common life purposes and goals

You will come to realize the two of you have basically the same passion to achieve certain goals in life. You might have different means and ways to achieve your goals but the end results of what both of you expect is quite common.

3) Respect each others differences

The two of you might not necessarily be the same and thus might experience some differences. But such differences won’t bring any stretch between the two of you, instead you will realize its quite easy to accommodate the differences and in some situations use them for your mutual benefits.

4) Would choose each other over and over again

With them you will definitely have a deep feeling for them and you would have chosen them no matter how much circumstances would have been different, be it different lifestyles, lifetimes or even social backgrounds.

5) Complement each other

Your differences seem to complement each other to your benefits. e.g one may be afraid of something the other is not and this is to your advantage.

6) Respect each others privacy

Jealousy and insecurities are not there between the two of you and you will come to realize you can allow them live their lives without worrying about mistrust.

7) Silence is still soothing

Their presence is everything and even in silence you still feel the deep connection between the two of you.

8) You meet at the right time

With your soulmate, you will definitely meet him/her at a time you are ready for a life commitment i.e at a time you have gathered necessary life lessons and are ready to complement each other.

9) Deep connection

When around them you are able to feel a deep connection and be so free and yourself. The two of you are able to share everything with quite good communication comfortably and with a lot of trust between you.

10) You have crossed paths before

You might find about this after meeting and you will realize you had met but never realized. You might have been in the same place once, studied in same institution once, lived in the same are once, worked some place together and just generally might have crossed paths.

Other signs might include;

  • Feel each others feelings; pain, anger and even happiness.
  • Apology is easy for the two of you
  • Always want to make each other happy
  • When together there is a feeling of home and comfort.
  • You definitely bring and impact positive change to each other.

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