For Highly Sensitive People & Empaths: Protection Techniques To Shield You From Low Energies

by Conscious Reminder

Empaths and highly sensitive people tend to feel everything on a much deeper scale than normal people.

While this may seem like a good thing at first glance to those who are not empaths, everyone who has ever experienced a negative feeling in their life, know that feeling negative emotions deeply can be taxing.

Because of all the negativity that surrounds us these days, empaths and highly sensitive people run the risk of becoming clinically depressed or anxious. To avoid this, there are ways which you can adopt to shield and protect yourself from negativity, and ensure that even if you feel deeply, your feelings can’t hurt you.

Some of these ways are listed below.

Shield visualization

This method is tried and tested and everyone who has successfully applied the shield protection knows that it is almost failsafe. You can use this shield of energy to block out negative emotions or emotions that are not your own. To do this, clear your mind and visualize a barrier of pure white light surrounding your body and going a few inches beyond it. This light will block out any negativity and within this shield, you can remain grounded and centered.

Express your needs

This might seem redundant, but clearly expressing what you need can go a long way in protecting an empath. It is impossible for other people to read your mind, so you need to look out for yourself. Express clearly what you expect and need from a relationship. If you are uncomfortable with something, speak up about it, and be assertive about marking out your own space. Not doing that might lead to you becoming anxious and frustrated, and feeling like people are walking all over you.

Set clear boundaries

In any relationship, clear boundaries are extremely important. The same goes for material spaces. In places where there is an abundance of various energy signals, like a workplace, it is important to set up energy boundaries to separate you from the chaos. Using plants and photos of family members and pets can help you et up a boundary within which you will be able to feel safe and at peace.

Remember to ground yourself

Empath often have trouble releasing the emotions that they absorb from other people. This can lead to empathy overload, and that in turn can cause a lot of stress. To ensure that you are grounded and not completely drained after a long day, try inhaling lavender oil. You can also try putting a few drops on your third eye.

Jaguar protection meditation

If all else fails, you can rely on the spirit of the jaguar to protect you. During meditation, call on this powerful and silent guard and ask for her protection. Visualize the sleek form of this beautiful beast encircling your energy field and keeping out negativity and toxicity. Remember to thank her for her protection and know that you can always call on her in your hour of need.

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