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The Age Of Aquarius Brings One Of The Year’s Most Anticipated Astro Events

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by Conscious Reminder

The Great Conjunction is a rare astrological event witnessed every 20 years. It happens when Jupiter and Saturn meet at the same degree of the zodiac.

The interesting thing about the 2020 Great Conjunction is that for the first time in 200 years, it will take place in Aquarius. 21st December 2020 will be the beginning of a new era, the Age of Aquarius.

The Great Conjunction And The Age Of Aquarius

While most of the past Conjunctions had been happening in earth signs, our focus was on earthly matters and materials. We were busy taking from the earth to build a better future. With this air sign, we will be shifting to more intangible matters now. Aquarius energy is all about bringing revolutions and creating things that work via signals and waves. It is time for going digital.

With the lockdowns worldwide, most people have shifted their work online, and this trend will continue in the coming months. Along with this, community-based life will also become the new norm. The Age of Aquarius will bring us closer as we seek to support those around us. Issues like equal rights, homelessness, and world hunger will have our attention.

We will work towards a better world not just for personal benefits but for the collective good. This Aquarius energy will be bringing us balance. Yet, we cannot ignore its negative vibes. A feeling of belonging to a community is great.

But that should not come at the cost of us losing our individuality. When Aquarius energy is unbalanced, we can get stuck in a “group mentality” where we stop thinking for ourselves and do what the rest are doing. It is best to avoid this unbalanced energy.

This is the beginning of a new 200-year-old cycle, the end of which none of us will witness. This is the time to embrace new changes. Focus on moving away from material possessions and reassess your goals.

Make plans that are more fluid and in sync with Aquarius energy. Let your thoughts be your guide. Instead of manifesting, align yourself with your goals. Let your thoughts and energy be the conduit for your new reality.

Jupiter And Saturn’s Roles

The planet of abundance and expansion sends us positive energy that brings new possibilities. It expands whatever it touches and brings us the rewards we deserve.

Saturn too has similar vibes in terms of rewards. Although considered as a harsh ruler due to the restrictions it imposes, Saturn is also quite giving. The boundaries we are asked to set up are ultimately for our own good.

The hard work Saturn makes us put in might seem too strict at times, but when the Lord of Karma lets us reap those rewards, nothing seems sweeter. Let Saturn teach you some new lessons. Only through those can you grow wiser and find your inner strength.

When these two conjunct this December, Jupiter will highlight the Saturn lessons. Jupiter will soften Saturn’s blows while letting us see things more clearly. With the Great Conjunction, it is not only our personal Karma headed for balance but also the collective Earth Karma.

Whatever we owe shall have to be repaid. The collective deeds of humanity will be weighed against Life, and the scales will be set right.

The Great Conjunction will be taking place at zero degrees of Aquarius. This particular degree of any zodiac is highly charged, and it represents infinite possibilities. This is the time when anything and everything is possible. Are you ready to build your new foundation?

Let the fertile energy of 21/12 be a new starting point in your life. While the energy will be most potent in the weeks leading up to and the weeks following this event, it will keep working in the background. The influence will be felt for many coming years.

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